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Today’s Technology: Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is best known for its technical term, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). If you visit any photobiomodulation service in your area, you would know that this involves lasers and LEDs. CryoSpace further explains that it aims to repair tissues and reduce pain. It’s typically used for sports injuries and neuropathic pain syndromes. Furthermore, research shows that […]

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Regaining Stability

In Richmond, dentures are often stabilised using implants. This provides the patient with a secure base for their replacement teeth. The problems of loose dentures become a thing of the past, and the patient can use their new teeth just like natural ones. There’s no more need for messy adhesives, and the implant-retained dentures can […]

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The Phases of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a common but unfortunately overlooked condition.  It is characterized by gum inflammation and effects on your jawbone. These typically follow tartar and plaque accumulation resulting from poor dental hygiene. Periodontal disease is a progressive condition with different treatment regimens at various stages of the disease. The key is seeking treatment from a dentist […]

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Problems You Could Experience with a Poorly Fitted Orthodontic Appliance

Running an orthodontic practice is among the most profitable and rewarding business ventures. There are many appliances you will use daily to correct your patients’ dental issues. These include braces, dentures, space maintainers, expanders and retainers. Achieving a perfect fit with your appliances is not easy without the digital services of an orthodontic laboratory. A […]

Have Yourself Checked for Metabolic Problems Today

Today’s modern lifestyle is all about convenience. Fast food, comfortable transportation, and access to almost everything needed in life without breaking a sweat. The ease and comfort in obtaining food and the lack of physical activity, have led to problems of being overweight and obese. More than that, people have been developing metabolic problems which […]

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4 Practical Reasons to Visit a Dentist Regularly

Making regular appointments to the dentist is necessary to keep your teeth in good condition. While sitting on the dentist’s chair may not be your favorite thing, a long list of good things come from the regular checks. It helps to prevent dental problems and catch those that may develop over time. Here are some […]

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Dental Implants: What are the Common Problems?

Dental implants are the more popular option compared to fixed bridges and removable dentures. This is because they are a permanent replacement for missing teeth or tooth, and they are easier to handle since they mimic your ordinary teeth. Dental implants anchor an artificial tooth directly onto your jawbone, a feature that makes them more […]

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Scanning to Support Invisalign-iTero in London

Using modern technology can revolutionise a patient’s experience of a treatment like teeth straightening. iTero is a scanner that is used to take 3D images of a patient’s teeth. These are submitted wirelessly to the dentist’s analysis equipment, which makes things easier for them and has a knock-on effect of making the process simpler and […]

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3 Smart Ways to Treat Bone and Joint Pain

Bone and joint pain, which stems from an injury, an underlying condition or wear and tear, can greatly hamper one’s lifestyle. If left untreated, it can lead to limping or difficulty in doing regular tasks, from lifting an object to carrying groceries. It is crucial to regulate or eliminate bone and joint pain early on, […]

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How Can Dental Implants in South Yorkshire Help Denture Wearers?

People who have lost many teeth due to an accident, tooth decay or simply old age, tend to choose false teeth to replace them, because they are considerably less costly than dental implants. However, removable dentures become loose over time because it is almost impossible to achieve a lasting good fit. Not only does the […]