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invisalign concept

Invisalign Wimbledon – cosmetically appealing whilst straightening the smile.

By Medical Bulletin | October 8, 2021

Understanding what it is Inconspicuous and comfortable aligners blend in with the natural smile. When seeking to perfect the smile, the last thing anyone wants is a large, ugly contraption on their face or in their mouth. No matter how good the end result may be, the thought of the treatment can be enough to […]


What Are The Newest Medical Breakthroughs?

By Medical Bulletin | October 7, 2021

There have been approved treatments for diseases like prostate cancer treatments and postpartum hemorrhage in recent years. Additionally, we now have telemedicine, smart pacemakers, and a ventilation system that treats infant respiratory distress syndrome. The future for healthcare is looking promising. Recent Medical Breakthroughs As we live in an era where our health is valued […]

avocado fruit

Six Superfoods to Achieve That Dewy, Glass-like Complexion

By Medical Bulletin | September 20, 2021

People have the wrong idea about healthy skin. They think they need to apply seven different creams, lotions, and serums on their face to get that dewy, glass-like complexion that Koreans are particularly known for. But aside from South Koreans having the most advanced skin-care research in the world, they also consume a lot of […]

woman cutting fruit

Clean Eating 101: Tips on Getting Started

By Medical Bulletin | September 19, 2021

Eating healthy can help you avoid conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Everyone has different health needs. But the one thing most dieticians and health experts agree can help people live healthy lives is clean eating. Clean eating focuses only on fresh whole foods. Your food should be as close to its natural form as […]

man with back pain

Back Issues Most Common in People in Their 40s

By Medical Bulletin | September 18, 2021

Many people don’t think about their backs until they have a problem with them. And while some back problems are common in the 40s, most aren’t serious and can be resolved quickly through home treatment or a visit to your doctor’s office. Here is a list of the most common back pain issues for people in their […]

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