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3 Major Types of Hearing Loss and How to Prevent Them

By Medical Bulletin | September 7, 2019

We get busy most of the time; we tend to forget our own health. More often than not, we only realize the importance of taking care of ourselves if we are already lying on a hospital bed. This is also the same case when we do not take care of our sense of hearing. One […]

Do Pimple Patches Really Work?

By Medical Bulletin | September 5, 2019

Numerous treatments and facials in the market today promise to help win every person’s battle against acne. Some work well over the long term, but other products or treatments can dry out a person’s skin, leaving them even more prone to acne breakouts. Pimple patches, sometimes referred to as acne healing patches, are small stickers […]

Successful Pregnancy

Get a Healthy Pregnancy with These Seven Tips

By Medical Bulletin | September 2, 2019

Congratulations, you are pregnant to your first baby. Now, what should you do? First, you should see your pregnancy doctor in Provo immediately. Aside from your support group, your doctor will help you a lot in your new journey to motherhood. Then, follow the tips below to ensure you and your unborn child stay healthy throughout the nine months […]

Woman worried about hair loss

Stopping the Signs of Hair Loss Before it Even Starts

By Medical Bulletin | August 30, 2019

If you came from a family that has a history with hair loss, you should expect that you will get the same condition. However, hair loss also has other causes. Some of the most common ones are an unhealthy diet, extreme stress, dry scalp, and excessive heat damage. Over half of the world’s population suffers […]


How to Calm Patients with Dental Anxiety

By Medical Bulletin | August 6, 2019

Dental procedures have long been associated with pain, so it’s no surprise that many patients hesitate to visit a dentist. As a dentist, it’s your responsibility to assure your patients that not all dental procedures are painful. You can even tell them about digital 3D printing in dentistry, which eliminates a lot of painful procedures. Here are […]

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