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Use Non-Comedogenic Products and Retinoids to Win the Acne War

By Medical Bulletin | October 9, 2019

Acne treatments are readily available from pharmacies in Australia. Products with salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide are probably on top of your list. Over-the-counter products can be effective in controlling mind breakouts and relieving mild to moderate acne. When your acne trouble is persistent and cyclical, you’d want to consult Australian skincare clinics for a more permanent […]

taking care of an elder person

Five Thoughts You’ll Have When Caring for Someone with Dementia

By Medical Bulletin | September 26, 2019

Dementia is a complicated illness, and it can be an emotionally draining task to care for someone with the diseasecare for someone with the disease. But it can also be highly rewarding to be there for a loved one in times of need. People often talk about the dos and don’ts of dementia care. But […]

Human kidney failure

Adjusting to Dialysis after Kidney Failure

By Medical Bulletin | September 24, 2019

Chronic kidney failure entails the slow loss of kidney function. The kidneys play an essential role in filtering excess fluids and waste and extracting them in your urine. When chronic kidney disease is at an advanced stage, electrolytes, dangerous wastes, and fluid levels accumulate in your body. You might notice a few symptoms of the […]

3 Major Types of Hearing Loss and How to Prevent Them

By Medical Bulletin | September 7, 2019

We get busy most of the time; we tend to forget our own health. More often than not, we only realize the importance of taking care of ourselves if we are already lying on a hospital bed. This is also the same case when we do not take care of our sense of hearing. One […]

Do Pimple Patches Really Work?

By Medical Bulletin | September 5, 2019

Numerous treatments and facials in the market today promise to help win every person’s battle against acne. Some work well over the long term, but other products or treatments can dry out a person’s skin, leaving them even more prone to acne breakouts. Pimple patches, sometimes referred to as acne healing patches, are small stickers […]

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