4 Reasons People Get Another Nose Job

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Whether they want to look and feel good or correct a nasal problem, many men and women undergo a nose job or rhinoplasty each year. In 2019, although the numbers decreased, it remains one of the top five most-requested procedures.

Sadly, not all surgeries will turn out satisfactory. Some travel to another state for a corrective nose job or revision surgery. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Difficulty of the Surgery

Nose profiles can significantly vary. Some are big, while others are small. There are also bulbous, aquiline, and flat noses.

Nose shapes can also differ because of ethnicities. Studies show that African Americans seem to have flat noses, Caucasians narrow noses, and Asians a combination of the two.

Lastly, there’s the perception of both the surgeon and the patient on the procedure. Sometimes the surgeon assesses the nose job to be easy only to discover in the middle of the operation that it’s a lot more complicated.

The technicality or the difficulty of the nose job can be a factor in determining if the procedure was successful. According to the 2008 research in Plastic Surgery, patients could likely rate the outcome as unsatisfactory if the operation was difficult to perform.

This level of dissatisfaction might then trigger the patient to ask for a revision nose job. If they no longer trust the doctor, they will seek it somewhere else.

2. Complications in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be simpler than other surgical procedures, and many clinics can now offer less invasive methods. However, it is still an operation, so complications can happen.

A 2008 study revealed that over 65% of patients who undergo revision surgery complained about difficulty or disturbances in breathing. It usually happens when the nostrils have already narrowed significantly.

Patients can also develop fibrosis, cyst, and necrosis of the soft tissues and skin. In rare cases, they experience a life-threatening condition called toxic shock syndrome because of infections.

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3. Illicit Surgery

Many Americans want to undergo cosmetic surgeries, but the procedures themselves cost money. Sometimes in desperation, they choose the next option: the black market.

The black-market cosmetic surgery market usually involves clinics that seem to be out of the way or in the unlikeliest places, such as homes or hotels. Surgeons don’t assess or even advise patients about the surgery. They don’t discuss recovery or risks and complications.

Most of all, they don’t possess expertise and experience. Licensed surgeons need to complete at least 14 years’ worth of education and training. They then need to refine their techniques and knowledge over time.

4. Personal Dissatisfaction

A patient can undergo another round of nose jobs if they’re unhappy with the results. Many factors can explain the dissatisfaction:

  • The surgeon failed to explain or advise properly on the outcomes of the procedure.

  • The patient didn’t get the nose they want, although this doesn’t have to be the surgeon’s fault.

  • The patient eventually decided they didn’t like the appearance of their nose post-op, and they want to change it again or even bring the old nose profile back.

Errors or dissatisfaction over the cosmetic procedure can traumatize patients. Fortunately, surgeons are more than ready to help patients with post-op nose-job issues.


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