5 Assisted Living Myths Busted

Seniors sitting together on a couch

Senior assisted living enables convenient access to companionship and empowers seniors to maintain the independence they had been enjoying while at their homes. These facilities are the best choice for seniors because they encourage socialization and hobbies. The communities allow seniors to make new friends and enjoy the quality of life for the time they have left. The facilities in Phoenix offer care and help during the usual daily activities of seniors.

However, seniors and their relatives are usually afraid of trying assisted living facilities despite the several benefits that this option offers. The negative misconceptions surrounding assisted living are the reasons for the worries of relatives and seniors. However, it is crucial to break these myths and emphasize on the truth so that you don’t shy away from going or taking your loved ones to an assisted living facility.

Assisted living communities are lonely places

Most seniors are usually concerned about isolation because most of them don’t like separation or being alone. Unfortunately, this myth about assisted living facilities being lonely has discouraged people from choosing this option. The truth is that these facilities are exciting places for seniors because they have amenities and activities that they can be involved in to avoid boredom.

Assisted living means losing independence and privacy

The myth is further from the truth. Assisted living maintains your privacy and independence because seniors get to choose from an array of spacious apartments with different layouts. The best part is that the facilities allow seniors to furnish their rooms or apartments with their items and their furniture. The communities will enable you to feel at home because you can also get visitors and still enjoy hosting them privately.

Assisted living is too costly

On the contrary, living at home is more expensive than going to an assisted living facility. Think of costs such as hiring a stay-in caregiver, paying for groceries and other home supplies, property taxes, and utility bills, among others. Assisted living frees you from incurring such expenses, and you will have access to funding for seniors. Consequently, don’t shy away from choosing assisted living because of the misconception that it is more costly than living at home.

Assisted living is for the sick or dying

This misconception has discouraged people from choosing assisted living. The truth is that assisted living is not a place where people go during their last days or when they are suffering from medical conditions. They are facilities where seniors go to maintain their quality of life because the assistance they receive keeps them for several years to come.

Assisted living is similar to a nursing home

Nurse caring for a senior

In reality, nursing homes are different from assisted living. Nursing homes are facilities for people who are not able to live independently. However, assisted living aims at helping seniors to live independently. Seniors get help at assisted living facilities only when they require it.

Lives change in unexpected ways as people age. You can opt for assisted living communities to empower yourself and live life the way you want. However, don’t let these myths discourage you from finding a facility that meets your needs.


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