5 Consequences of Untreated Tooth Decay in Children

child having dental checkupWe all know that failure to prevent or promptly treat tooth decay in children has many implications — some more severe than others. If left untreated, tooth decay in children can cause adverse effects. Here are some of them:

1. Persistent pain

Dental disease may lead to severe pain in children. If the persistent pain is not managed effectively, it can affect their appetite, studies, and sleep.

2. Early tooth loss

If your child’s tooth has severe damage, a pediatric dentist in South Bend may recommend pulp treatment. If they can no longer restore the tooth, however, prompt extraction might be necessary to prevent infection.

3. Abscess and cellulitis

If bacteria spread from an infected tooth pulp to its surrounding tissues, risks of an abscessed tooth increase. There is also the chance of infection spreading to other parts of the body. Untreated severe decay could, for instance, lead to cellulitis. This swelling of the face will necessitate hospitalization.

4. Malocclusion

Primary teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth. If baby teeth incur damage, they cannot appropriately guide adult teeth into position. The early loss of the teeth may then lead to crooked or crowded adult teeth.

5. Compromised self-esteem

Regular visits to a pediatric dentist in South Bend can help safeguard more than your child’s oral health. The biannual trips can prevent problems that could adversely affect the kid’s self-confidence.

Decayed cavities emit a foul smell and cause bad breath. The unpleasant odor and breath can directly impact a kid’s social life. Extensive decay and early tooth loss can also ruin a child’s smile and negatively affect self-esteem.

Untreated dental caries can cause pain and complicate chewing and eating. One might also have to get severely decayed teeth extracted, leading to early tooth loss.

Since baby teeth serve as a guide in permanent teeth’s growth, removal of these teeth could lead to malocclusion. The unaesthetic nature of decayed teeth and malocclusion may then hamper a kid’s self-esteem and social development.


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