5 Misconceptions That Affect Medication Adherence

Doctor researching the bottled medicine

The life expectancy of humans increased from 39.4 years old (in 1800) to 78.8 years old (in 2010). That’s proof that humans today are living longer, thanks to medical breakthroughs. Apart from the advances in sanitation, vaccination, and drug development, medication adherence is critical to neutralizing diseases.

However, there are many barriers to using medications effectively and affect proper adherence. To improve your health with prescription medicines, stop believing any of these misconceptions:

Medicines Don’t Work

Not all medications would work for everyone. If one has no effect on a friend or a family member, it doesn’t mean it won’t be beneficial to you. It’s best to follow your doctor’s prescription and schedule regular appointments to monitor the progress of your condition.

No Option to Reduce Cost of Prescription Drugs

Having no insurance or inadequate coverage is a common reason many people can’t buy the right medicines they need. Fortunately, as The Rx Solution mentioned, you can get help to make your medications more affordable by applying for a patient prescription assistance program.

Medications Cause Allergies

Many people confuse side effects from allergies. If you think your medication is giving you more problems, consult your healthcare provider to determine the actual cause.

Supplements Are Natural and Can Cure

Supplements may use natural ingredients, but they may also contain chemicals found in prescription medicines. Furthermore, most of them are not proven effective to cure any condition. They’re not rigorously studied and closely regulated, which is why they may not be safe.

Big Pharma Only Cares About Profit

There’s no denying that the pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars. Most of the biggest companies also spend more on marketing and sales than research and development. However, it’s wrong to assume that big Pharmaceutical industry is only interested in profit. After all, the industry is competitive that companies work so hard to supply the market with the best medications and a larger share of the pie.

No matter how you slice it, it’s best to take your medications properly to beat any disease and improve your health in no time. If you believe any of the aforementioned myths, debunk the erroneous beliefs you have because you’re simply putting yourself in more harm.


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