5 Reasons to See a Dentist Before Bleaching Your Teeth

Dentist posing behind the machines

Dentist posing behind the machinesA dazzling smile is within your reach, courtesy of advances in cosmetic dentistry. But don’t bleach your teeth before you talk to your dentist. Here are good reasons you need to involve a cosmetic dentist in Meridian.

1. You should treat mouth problems first

Do you have sensitive teeth, cracked teeth, tooth decay, periodontal problems, or oral infections? Such oral health issues need diagnosis and treatment before you bleach your teeth. You’re likely to experience discomfort if you whiten your teeth before you address these pressing mouth problems. Also, the bleaching procedure might worsen these problems.

2. You might not need whitening

Sometimes, a thorough cleaning is all that a dentist needs to restore a smile’s sparkle. Talk to your dentist about a professional mouth cleaning before you try bleaching.

3. Know when not to whiten

Are you pregnant or a nursing mother? Your dentist might advise you to postpone teeth bleaching. Tooth restorations could also compromise the effectiveness of a bleaching treatment. A dentist can help you avoid an awkward or uneven smile if you wear some dental work.

4. Save time and money

A diagnosis of the cause of your discoloration is crucial. If whitening is an option, your dentist will help you choose a suitable whitening product or method. If bleaching won’t be effective, a cosmetic dentist can recommend other ways to brighten your smile.

5. Have peace of mind

Peace of mind comes when you can trust the advice you’re receiving. Cosmetic dentists have years of experience in oral health. A mouth exam helps your dentist understand your needs in ways a tooth whitening company can’t.

Only a mouth exam can help establish if bleaching will work for you. If whitening is an option, your dentist will help you bleach your teeth safely and effectively. And if you’re not a good candidate for bleaching, your dentist will recommend other cosmetic solutions more suitable for you.


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