Beauty is in the Hair of the Beholder

Woman with long brown hair

Forget everything you know about beauty. It is not in the eye of the beholder as what people kept saying for the longest time. It is, in fact, in the hair. Specifically, it is in the way you carry your hair to reflect your personality. Hair that aligns with your true personality is what makes you feel and look beautiful.

In a time when luxury hair growth products and creative stylists dominate the grooming market, it makes total sense to highlight how hair shows one’s personality and improves confidence.

A Laid-back Lifestyle

Sure, you can do the same things as any other person could, and your hair does not bestow special powers upon you. Still, with a low-maintenance hairstyle, you are able to focus on more important things as you have hair that is ready for anything.

With the temperature in the UK, you want your hair to look its best, and the easiest way to achieve that goal is through products that care for the hair and keeps it hydrated and protected. With hair problems out of the way, you will not say no to adventures just because you worry about frizz. You are always ready to move and even in the workplace, you are always prepared for the inevitable.

A Go-getter

Colour-treated hairstyles have not grown in popularity for no reason. They are a sign of people reclaiming their confidence and doing things they were told they could not do in the past. A bold shade is not just fun; it is also empowering.

Whether you are rocking a short bob in cool blue tones or you have long hair dyed pink, you are ready to command attention and there is no one standing in your way. You may think you cannot rock bold shades if you do not feel confident, but for many, it is the act of trying on a new hair colour that is giving them the confidence they lack. Whether it is the means or an end, give it a shot and find out for yourself how empowering it feels.

A Fun Gal

Woman with colored hair

Ever heard the saying that blonde girls get all the fun? It does not necessarily mean other hair colours are boring, but when you are bleaching your hair to achieve a golden shade, you have got to have the gene for lighthearted fun. You do not want to be caged by your circumstance; you want to pave your own way even if it means doing something totally unexpected.

It will be even more fun if you bleach your hair without leaving it damaged, of course. Though you are having fun with your new hair, you are not irresponsible enough to leave it dry and prone to breakage. You would give it extra nourishing to rejuvenate those ends that were subjected to harsh chemicals.

Everyone is allowed to reinvent themselves in a way that will bring out their confidence. You can never do well pretending to be someone you are not, so rather than try hiding your true self, embrace it through your hair transformation.


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