Better Dental Positions

Dentist doing prophylaxis

Dentist doing prophylaxisThe positioning of the teeth is an important factor in a person’s oral health. A misaligned bite can put strain on the jaw. A crooked smile can be difficult to keep properly clean, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Having braces in Garforth will improve dental positioning so a person’s teeth are both more effective and better-looking. There are a variety of ways to do this, many of which are more discreet and comfortable than people might imagine.

Precision technology

People who are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing highly visible dental appliances are often pleased to learn about invisible braces in Garforth. Available now from dental practices like Enhance Dental, these innovative appliances offer a low-hassle and hygienic solution to dental misalignment. Patients can find out whether they’re a suitable way forward by having a consultation with their dentist.

Then the dentist will take precise 3D images of the patient’s mouth and send these off to a dental laboratory. The lab will produce for the patient a personalised series of transparent plastic aligners. The patient wears a pair of these discreet aligners over their teeth for around 7-10 days, before exchanging it for the subsequent pair in the series. This process carries on until the end of the treatment, which could be 12-18 months later, or longer, depending on what needs to be achieved.


Unlike other braces in Garforth, these ones do not involve any attachments, so they can be taken out of the mouth when the patient has to eat a meal or use their toothbrush. They don’t attract unwanted attention to themselves because they’re made of clear plastic. A retainer, worn by the patient at night, will help their teeth to settle securely into their new positions after they stop wearing braces in Garforth.

Health and aesthetics

It takes some time for the repositioning to occur, but once it’s over, the patient will have many years to enjoy the improvements brought about by their braces in Garforth. They’ll have a more appealing smile and a mouth that’s easier to clean. Overall, dental health and cosmetic harmony will be greatly enhanced.


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