Building a Lab From the Ground Up

Medical technologist using a microscope

Laboratories play a major part in many operations. This is where all the research happens and where most developments in your company come from. If you are starting a company that needs a laboratory, then you will need to build one.   If you want to make a good one, here are some useful tips for you:

Have a Design Meeting

Before you go out and start buying lab equipment, you should sit down and make plans. But to ensure that your laboratory will be able to service all your needs, you need to meet with everyone who will be part of your team. Meeting with them allows you to determine what your laboratory needs and what you should be adding to it.

The question is who should you invite? Of course, you’ll want the people at the top, who define what they want out of the laboratory. You will also want to get the perspective of the people who will be working in the lab. Pulling them all together and determining what they all need out of the lab is essential. You won’t be able to please everyone but you only need to meet the general goals of the lab to be a success.

Plan Out the Lab

With the goals for the lab determined, it is time to get down to the specifics. The first thing to work on is to figure out how big the lab will be, You want a lab that meets all of your needs. Too small a lab and you will not have space for the necessary equipment and enough legroom for comfortable work. If your lab is too large, you would have wasted space.

You should then designate particular areas. It is best to specific areas so that you can isolate particular processes. Depending on the lab, you might be working with hazardous materials. Isolation is important to minimize damage. Storage is also important so that you won’t have potential danger areas. Safety should also be important when you are planning things out.

Get Good Deals for Your Lab Equipment

Part of the planning should also include a comprehensive list of equipment. Your design meeting will give you a list of the equipment that you need. You should think about how the equipment fits and what sort of requirements it needs. This can range from special electrical outlets to plumbing.

With the list, you should be able to look around for a supplier. This should help you get a good deal for the equipment. For example, if you are looking for a high-quality autoclave for sale in Australia and other areas, then you can compare what’s available on the market.

Think About HVAC

Rear view of scientists talking while walking

Lab work is very fragile and the temperature and ventilation are important. That is why you should focus on ensuring that the lab has a good HVAC system. Increased heat and cold can disrupt many lab operations, so you should make sure it works properly. Ventilation can also help ensure that the lab has a clean, dry atmosphere.

A laboratory is an essential place to work on research. Having a well-equipped one is important if you want to get proper work done. The tips above should make it possible. Keep them in mind so that you can have the best possible laboratory for your job.


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