Caring For Your Grandma Takes More Than Just Your Average Discipline

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Resilience and compassion are two key characteristics we must possess to thrive amid these trying times; the ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the new normal and the heart to help those we can reach achieve the same in their life. As a result, the need for your input and helping hand becomes all the more necessary, most especially when we account for seniors and older individuals in your family considered high-risk groups for Covid-19.

However, while providing our seniors their medication and proper personal protective equipment are admirable and must-do practices, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to simply going by the book because healthcare should always be holistic. Families and friends should go beyond just necessities because there’s more to life than just getting by every day; it’s about living every day in spite of the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

Life’s More Than Just Strict Rules, So Go The Extra Mile

Of course, we don’t mean to downplay and underestimate your efforts in keeping the seniors in your care safe and far from the clutches of Covid-19; everything you do out of selflessness and kindness is what every household should observe. But, if you’re sticking by these strict rules and regulations, not trying to do a little more for them, then any help you’re providing will slowly feel hollow and dull. So, we firmly believe that families should go the extra mile for their grandparents and their seniors because they depend on you.

#1 Help Them Stay Updated And Connected

Firstly, one of the best ways to show your care and keep their social health in check is by simply keeping them in the loop, helping them stay updated with everything that’s happening, and maintaining their connections with other family members and friends. There’s no denying the fact that we’re unable to meet our loved ones and close peers like before because of the risk associated with anything that requires going outside, so helping their voice and message reach the people that need to hear it is just as noble as any other care you provide.

  • Keeping Them Company: If your grandparents live elsewhere and are not with you, visiting them every week and dropping by to keep them company is a surefire of making them happy. In fact, even just catching up through a short FaceTime is more than enough to warm their hearts and remind them that you’re always there for them and just one tap away. Plus, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, hiring a personal healthcare assistant to get things done around the house is also commendable.
  • Share Fun And Safe Activities: Although we don’t expect you to go out partying or mountaineering anytime soon, there is plenty of fun and safe activities you can share with your grandparents to keep them active and physically fit. For example, you could invite them out for brisk walking on an early Sunday morning or maybe even a relaxing bicycle ride around the countryside. Just double-check that your plans are okay for the elderly and that you follow social distancing guidelines.

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#2 Make Changes Around The House To Accommodate Their Needs

Secondly, apart from the social and physical aspect of holistic healthcare, we also suggest that you make changes around their homes to accommodate their changing needs in terms of the overall safety of the environment and ergonomics. The last thing you’d want to happen is for an emergency to develop but not have anyone there to help out, so it’s best we prevent such mishaps from ever happening in the first place as much as possible.

  • Clean Up Clutter And Create Space: If your grandparents’ house hasn’t seen a proper spring cleaning these past few months, then let this be your call to action of cleaning up the clutter and creating space. Remember, even a simple mess that goes unattended can become a potential risk factor for falls and trips, so check every nook and cranny that comes to mind. Plus, having more open space, in general, encourages them to move around and stretch those muscles when they can, which is always a well-appreciated addition to any home.
  • Set Up Emergency Contacts: It’s always far better to be safe than sorry when an emergency happens, so we strongly recommend you set up an easy system of contacting you or the nearest caregiver if something tragic could happen. Of course, a simple emergency contact on their phones will cover the basics, but if you want to go the extra bit for them, even a few cameras to monitor them remotely can help as well.

Seniors Have No One Else To Rely On But You

In conclusion, we want to remind everyone that your seniors have no one else to rely on but you, so even if they may be a bit difficult to love at times, understand that it’s coming from a good place. Always let your unconditional love and strong bonds come out strong, and allow everyone in the family to engage and chip in with helping out.


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