Caring for Your Joints: Signs That You Need Knee Replacement

Runner holding on to knee

Runner holding on to kneeLiving with severe knee joint pain can affect the quality of your life significantly. With knee replacement surgery, you would get a lasting solution to your problem. To avoid the risk of a botched procedure, it is important to choose only seasoned specialists in knee surgery in Orem, according to Doctor Mitchell Larsen. How do you know it is time to go under the knife.

The Pain Has Affected Your Lifestyle

If the pain is so intense such that you cannot complete daily tasks as before, it is time to contact a surgeon. Pain, stiffness, and swelling affect your quality of life. If the knee hurts too much, especially at night or when resting, you need to think of replacement surgery.

Knee Deformity

Conditions such as severe arthritis can cause knee deformity. If you notice that your knees cannot go straight anymore, you should find a solution immediately. Another sign of knee deformity is the development of knock-knees and bowlegs. If tests show significant joint damage and advanced arthritis, it is time to go under the knife.

Severe Medication Side Effects

While taking pain medication would still be an option, most of the effective pain medications come with drastic side effects. Depending on your metabolism, you might also develop side effects even when the medication is safe. Surgery would save you the agony that comes with taking medication that does not agree with your body.

Other Treatments Won’t Work

If medications, physical therapy, weight loss, and less invasive surgery will not work, it is time to think of knee replacement surgery. Sticking to such treatments would only prolong your suffering and most probably aggravate the problem.

The type of surgeon you choose would affect the success of your procedure. To avoid complications, it is important to focus on practitioners that have successfully completed hundreds of similar procedures. Ensuring that they are certified in orthopedic surgery is important.


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