Dealing With Pain: Common Aches And Their Solutions

People suffer from aches and pains every day. Whether it is a migraine or an aching back, pain can be your body’s way of telling you to take better care of yourself. Here are some common pain issues that people face and how you can properly handle them so that you can get some relief.


Most people have experienced throbbing pain in their heads. Some people only get it in times of stress, while others have regular migraines. You might experience several types of headaches. The most common one is the tension headache. It feels like dull ache around your head. It is not so bad, and you can quickly treat it with over-the-counter pain medication like aspirin. But if that doesn’t work, then you’ll need some prescription pain medication.

Migraines are the worst type of headache out there. They are chronic and feel like there is a deep throbbing inside of your head. Pain medication is useful for this, but you should consult your doctor on further treatments.


Another common painful experience is tooth pain. Most people have felt the throbbing pain inside their mouths. There are several causes for toothaches, so you’ll need to visit your family dentistry clinic as soon as possible to find out proper treatment. Usually, tooth decay is the main culprit, and you’ll get a tooth extraction. You might also have impacted wisdom teeth, which also requires teeth removal.

While you are waiting for your appointment, you can do something for the pain. A simple salt rinse and cold compress can do wonders. Ibuprofen is an excellent choice for handling the pain for adults, while children can do better with acetaminophen.

Neck And Back Pain

If you spend most of your day hunched over your keyboard, then you likely experience aches in your neck and your back. It is one of the common reasons for people to miss going to work. Most cases of back pain go away after some time. But they can also be terrible, especially if they come with a fever and bowel or bladder problems. These situations will require you to visit your doctor immediately.

As for milder back pain, the usual reason for the throbbing is the fact that your muscles are straining from bad posture. Solving your back pain usually involves changing your posture and exercising for stronger back muscles. You might also be experiencing arthritis, so you might need to consult your doctor for the right medication.

Muscle Strain

Man experiencing muscle strain

Your muscles have limits. If you push them too hard, the muscle fibers will start to tear. This is what causes the various sprains and strains that people experience. The best way to avoid these is to be smart about your physical activities. Know your limits and get the appropriate rest. If you do experience a strain, keep that muscle out of action for a few weeks so that the muscle fibers can heal.

You don’t have to suffer through all the pain that life gives you. Be smart and get the right treatments so that you can be happy and pain-free.


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