Dental Straightening

Woman in braces having her teeth checked

For people with crooked teeth in Windsor, braces offer a comfortable solution. Dental realignment treatments are highly customised, and modern braces and aligners use discreet materials to stay well hidden from casual observers. There are many different types of braces in Windsor, and they change the teeth in different ways. Some people will only want to adjust their front teeth, to stop them protruding. Others will prefer a more comprehensive treatment that works on all of their teeth simultaneously.


Fixed braces use brackets and wires that the dentist attaches to the teeth’s enamel surfaces. They apply gentle pressure to the teeth over a long period of time, resulting in a better-looking smile and more ease in keeping the mouth clean in Windsor. Braces from dentists such as The Old Windsor Dental Practice are often made of tooth-coloured and transparent materials, so they don’t make a visual nuisance of themselves.

User-friendly braces in Windsor

Aligners are another way to straighten the teeth without too much hassle. Unlike fixed braces in Windsor, aligners don’t require any attachments. The patient is free to remove their aligners when it’s time to take care of their oral hygiene or sit down to dinner. What’s more, aligners are made from transparent plastic.

The clear plastic aligners are made especially for each patient who receives them. After a consultation with the dentist, in which careful measurements of the patient’s mouth are taken, a laboratory produces the patient’s series of aligners. During treatment, the patient wears a pair of the aligners for 7-10 days, before moving onto the next pair in their series. After a year or more of this routine, treatment is completed, and the patient can enjoy their newly improved smile.


Straightening the teeth has many benefits. The obvious one is the cosmetic enhancement, but there’s more. The jaw is under less strain, and the mouth works more efficiently, when the teeth are in a more harmonious alignment. Also, there’s less risk of gum disease and tooth decay, because bacteria have fewer awkward spaces in which to hide from the toothbrush. Braces in Windsor provide better oral health in the long term.


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