A dental website which stands out from your competitors and attracts new patients

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Dental websites play a hugely important role in attracting new patients to your dental practice. Without a good dental website it is difficult for people to find you and even if they walk past your dental practice they will type your name into Google to try and find out more about you. When they do, it is important that you have a highly attractive, interesting and informative dental website which gives them all the information that they could possibly need with respect to their dental needs, presented in an exciting and original format to help differentiate you from other dental practices in the area.

Personalise your website

To help make sure of this you can use the 7Ps of dental marketing to put together your dental website, to ensure that you have addressed all aspects of your dental practice. By including plenty of messages and videos from yourself and your team you will personalise your website and your visitor will feel as if you are addressing them directly. Most dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures, so by personalising the information, writing about how you carry out these procedures at your practice and adding reviews from your previous patients, you will be able to make sure that your website stands out from the crowd. This will help you ease their nerves and encourage them to think about their oral health and to address their dental issues at your dental practice

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Updating your website regularly

It is important to update your website on a regular basis. This helps keep your patients interested and also helps nurture their confidence in your dental practice. By creating  interesting and exciting blogs on dental topics of interest, using keyword research to find out which areas of dentistry the people in your location want to find out more about, you will be able to attract further attention. By including regular new posts regarding your dental practice itself and the people on your team, you can help engage with your patients further and hopefully you will see a significant influx in new patients booking an appointment with you in person to address their dental needs.

It is also important to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and accessible across all devices including desktops, laptops and especially mobile phones. The majority of local searches such as on businesses and healthcare services are carried out when people are on the go, on their mobile phones. Your website needs to be able to adapt instantly to the device that it is being accessed on, otherwise if visitors find themselves having to zoom in and out to look through your pages then they will lose interest and look elsewhere. User experience is key for making sure that potential patients return to your website and it also helps boost your search engine optimisation or SEO, because when Google recognises that a visitor is spending a significant amount of time on your website then they will will see you as a quality hit on the search results list and boost your position on the list for next time.


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