Does Your Cut Need Stitches?

cut on man's legWhile many minor cuts and wounds can heal on their own, there are still those that will require stitches or medical intervention for proper healing of the skin. Whether you’ll need stitches will depend on the severity of the laceration, with a healthcare provider assessing the injury. If you do need stitches, your wound will need to be sewn with a surgical thread to close it and minimize the risk of infection.

When Stitches are Needed

Urgent care centers in Lehi note that getting stitches involves numbing the affected area, making it generally painless. However, the thing is it can be difficult to determine on your own if your wound needs stitches. Your cut probably needs stitches or medical attention if:

  • It is wide or gaping.
  • It contains debris like glass.
  • It involves something sticking out of it.
  • It is spurting blood.
  • The affected area feels numb.
  • It continues to bleed after several minutes of applying direct pressure.
  • It is on the face or neck (deep, long facial cut).
  • You have deep human or animal bite.

These guidelines can help you determine whether your or a loved one’s wound needs medical attention. But keep in mind that healthcare practitioners in the clinics or emergency rooms are the ones who will determine for sure whether your wound requires stitches.

Where to Go

Most lacerations (especially those that aren’t so deep) can be treated in urgent care centers. In some cases, it’s usually advisable to go to urgent care rather than spend time waiting at the ER. When the wound is extremely deep, however, that you cut a tendon or see a bone, heading to the ER is advisable. Still, even if you have a serious cut, urgent care can attend to your needs, stabilize you, or get you to the right facility.

If you or a loved one has a cut that needs medical attention, see a doctor or head to an urgent care facility or ER. Note that it’s never advisable to treat a serious wound on your own by relying on online guides and how-articles.


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