E-Cigarettes: Why Choose This New Kind of Cigarette


Medical practitioners and health experts have long been touting cigarette smoking as one of the primary causes of cancer. However, with the introduction of the e-cigarette, this trend could soon be changing as more and more people in the US are using it.

The E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or vapes, are a new generation cigarette that lacks tobacco and instead uses a high concentration of nicotine. That means that the smoker still gets their highs but without the cancer-causing tobacco. Some of the e-cigarette starter kits from providers like Green Smart Living have a refillable nicotine fluid that attaches to a rechargeable garget.

Aiding in Quitting Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are one of the excellent options for those wishing to quit cigarette smoking in that it is a new alternative that gradually cuts down the urge for tobacco. One can now take long puffs and punctuate them with breaks and lengthen those breaks over time. There also is a consensus among medical practitioners that using vapes may work for those who have found inadequate help from other quitting programs.

Near-Zero Withdrawal Symptoms & Multiple Flavors

Nicotine use does not have any known side effects to the lungs or heart and could thus come in handy for those battling tobacco-related withdrawal symptoms. E-cigarettes also come in a myriad of flavors that one can choose from which can help assist one from the urge to smoke tobacco. You can work with your e-cig provider to select a product may be most suitable for you.

Money Savers & Environmentally Safe

E-cigs can also save you money in that you will use them multiple times as compared to the one-time tobacco cigarettes. In the US, for instance, most vapes kits would range up to about $70. That is a one-time cost, which is significantly less than what most tobacco cigarette smokers spend on average. Besides, you are free to use these vapes in various places including public areas such as stadia and airports depending on restriction laws as e-cigs are smokeless. That is a significant factor that every tobacco smoker should consider.

You can use your e-cig in the presence of children as it has no harmful toxins in the smoke. That will protect your loved ones from contracting lung problems that tobacco and its accompanying chemicals in conventional cigarettes cause.


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