Establishing a Workout Cadence

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Getting in shape requires dedication and discipline. The benefits you reap from it is life-changing, especially if you are coming off of a lifestyle that could only be described as not too ideal. You do not need a registered therapist to tell you that maintaining your fitness level is important for your health.

There are people out there who have stuck themselves in a rut because they are not active enough. This has led to a rise in obesity figures, and attached to that are chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. If you spend your work hours just sitting at your desk in front of a computer, you need to balance that out with exercise. But that is easier said than done. You want to start with some baby steps, and then hopefully you can evolve that into a routine workout cadence.

Establish a Habit

When it comes to establishing a habit, you know that you just need to start somewhere. You want to start with things that are manageable. After logging off from work, you can give yourself about half an hour to spend on walking around your office block. Maybe you want to reach home first instead, and that is fine because traffic can be unpredictable sometimes. Make sure you give yourself that time for some exercise once you arrive.

You might wonder how long it would take for something to become a habit. There is no straight answer to that, but you should give yourself something high to aim for. A few days or weeks would not count it. You better see to it that you can run a workout routine for at least two months, and it’s only then that you can proudly call it a habit.

Create Goals

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When you have gotten yourself into a good workout rhythm, you need to turn up the heat now and then. You will get more comfortable with what you are doing over the course of several days or weeks. Stay away from complacency and challenge yourself with daily or weekly goals. It can be the amount of weight that you want to lose, or you can increase the number of laps that you can complete when you run around your block. Setting these targets will keep you focused and motivated, and completing them will give you a great sense of fulfillment.

Rest Period

The truth is, you bust your body out when you exercise vigorously. You need to give yourself some time to heal, for pushing yourself too far may lead to injury. Having a good workout and rest period cadence will let your muscles patch themselves up, and this will make them tougher.

You can also think of this as a reward for working hard to make yourself healthier. Take this moment to catch up on sleep or get yourself a massage to loosen up those tight muscles.

Remember that giving yourself time to work out and be active is required for you to stay fit. Having a job does entail reserving a big chunk of your daily hours for it, but you should also have enough time you can use for exercising. If you find a good balance, stick to it and your body will thank you for it.


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