First Impressions with Bad Teeth: How Bad Can it Be?

guy with yellow teethYour teeth can say a lot about your health or even who you are as a person. People with a good set of pearly whites are often perceived as more attractive, approachable, and successful. It can also give them an edge in the professional and dating world. What does it mean if you have bad teeth or don’t have a full set of permanent teeth?

Negative Judgment

With bad teeth, it is easy for others to judge you as a person or form negative thoughts about who you truly are without getting to know you first. In fact, surveys suggest that individuals would not want to go on second with those who have crooked teeth. Bad teeth, furthermore, can affect your chances of securing a position, especially in those that you’ll need to face clients.

Effects on Health

It’s sad enough that the way your teeth look can affect your personal and professional life negatively. Dentists in Taree note that crooked or missing teeth can affect your health. Both may harm your speech and chewing, which can then affect your nutrition. Improperly aligned teeth are also prone to plaque build-up and are more difficult to clean.

Your Dentist Can Do Wonders

If you suffer from tooth decay, yellow teeth, missing teeth, or crooked smile, don’t hesitate to see a dentist. Doing nothing about the problem can only make things worse and continue to diminish your self-esteem. Procedures like professional whitening can instantly brighten your smile while dental implants provide a stable and sturdy replacement for missing teeth.

Health and Confidence Booster

Choosing to pursue any dental work or procedure will not only improve your appearance. It can also improve your speech and the way you chew. It’s also likely that your confidence will skyrocket with beautiful teeth. A set of straight teeth or a whiter teeth, for instance, will make you feel confident showing your smile in photos or when talking to others.

There is no reason to settle with bad teeth. If you worry about how a certain dental procedure can cost you, it is good to know that many dental clinics today offer flexible payment plans. If you’re not happy with how your teeth look, see how a dentist can help you.


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