Fresh Eyes: 5 Ways to Step Up Your Eye Game


Let’s take a look at the five ways you can up your eye care with these beauty treats for your eyes, brows, and lashes to get you looking all dolled up with minimal makeup and prep effort all week long.

1. First, your brows

Never skip eyebrow care; your eyebrows frame your face and must always be groomed to give you that clean and put-together look, even without makeup. And the best way to have the perfect looking browse is by getting a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo in Sydney that’s gotten good reviews.

They can guide you in selecting the right brow shape as well as style that works with your face shape, to give you a set of brows that will enhance your features even more. Best of all, it’s so you don’t have to do it every day!

You can finally say goodbye messy eyebrow make up that takes time to perfect. Now you can have fantastic brows all day, every day, even without makeup!

2. Next up, the bags

pretty eyes

Nothing weighs the look of a face-down than those pesky dark circles around the eyes. Get rid of them by using the best eye serum you can get, and one that has Hyaluronic Acid, Dead Sea minerals, and natural oils that are gentle to the skin but gets rid of those bags in as quick as a couple of days of continuous use.

There are eye creams for day and night use. Best to get one for the day as it has UV protection as well as one for the night as it is formulated to boost the skin’s natural renewal process, so you can expect to get optimum results.

Aside from getting rid of eye bags, an eye serum can also reduce the visibility of fine lines around the eyes, giving your peepers a fresh new look and making you look years younger, too!

3. Last but not least, the lashes

If you’re blessed with naturally thick and beautifully fanned-out long lashes, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones! But if you want to give your beautiful lashes a nice treat, a lash lifting treatment is the perfect choice for you.

It gives your lashes a natural looking curl and stays on for months. Have short or thin lashes? Worry not! Lash extensions work like magic and last for a month, or even longer, with proper care!

The best part about getting these extensions is you can decide on the length as well as volume to be applied, depending on your preference. Lash extensions can instantly make your eyes look bolder and give it that beautiful smoldering look; you get a lot of oomph with less eye makeup, too!

Having beautiful brows, eyes, and lashes has never been this easy! With semi-permanent brow and lash makeup, along with a simple yet effective eye care regimen, you can look even more beautiful with minimal to no makeup at all! Look good, feel good with these three eye care tips.


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