Habits that Are Bad for Your Skin

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Pampering our skin to look radiant and soft is one thing, but developing healthy habits is another. Caring for our skin with the best and most effective skincare products out there might seem like everything when it comes to achieving perfect skin, but that isn’t the case.

We have habits that we don’t know are compromising our general well-being and the look and quality of our skin. Some cause signs of aging to appear earlier, while others make our skin look dull and lifeless.

Unfortunately, not all of us know the negative effects some bad habits have on our skin. Granted, consulting trusted dermatologists such as Dr. Saami and using skincare products help, but what will really help your skin is making room for good habits.


1. You skip cleaning your face before bed.

Even if you’re not well-versed when it comes to skincare because you don’t have the time or the energy to do extensive research, read product labels, or come in for regular dermatologist appointments, you know that it’s crucial to wash your face before going to bed.

We know, we know. It’s not easy to make time for face washing when your soft mattress calls you in for a deep sleep after a long day’s work. We can’t blame you for having days when you want to go home and go straight to bed and get everything over with.

Why is washing your face important?

In all honesty, washing your face before bed won’t take more than five minutes of you delaying your most awaited moment. Your face might look like it’s spotless because you don’t feel and look oily, but trust us on this. Your face is a magnet for all the pollution, oil, and dirt around you.

All that buildup will pave the way for inflammation and breakouts. No one wants those. So do your skin a favor by using a gentle cleanser with moisturizing ingredients like botanical oils or glycerin to keep your skin hydrated. If you’re too drained, gentle wiping with cleansing face wipes will do the job.

2. You’re a smoker.

You’ve heard all about the bad things smoking does to your body, but no one tells you about how your habit affects how your skin looks and feels.

Nicotine decreases the blood flow to your skin, meaning it won’t get the amount of oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Aside from that, the chemicals in tobacco can damage the collagen and elastin proteins in charge of your skin’s structure.

You’ll notice that your skin looks thin, dull, wrinkled, and takes a longer time to heal scars and marks.

Aside from the quality of your skin, years of smoking can deepen lines around your eyes and lips since you pucker and squint while you smoke.

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What can you do?

While antioxidants like vitamins A and C can mitigate some damage, the only fix will be to quit smoking permanently.

3. You don’t use sunscreen regularly.

This is overused skincare advice, but for a reason. Ultraviolet (UV) rays lead to premature aging and different types of skin cancer. The sun feels good on the skin and is good for your health in the right amounts. But if you go over, you’ll be setting yourself up for bad skin and compromised health.

You don’t only need sun protection when you’re out swimming. You need it even when you’re staying in, when it’s cloudy, or when you’re just going out to run errands.


A broad-spectrum sunscreen can block UVB and UVA rays and keep your skin protected from sun damage. The minimum protection your skin requires is SPF (sun protection factor) 30, and you’re required to reapply every two hours, more frequently if you sweat. Religious application of the right sun protection will keep signs of aging and skin disorders at bay.

4. You eat more sugar than fruits and vegetables.

It’s not easy to resists desserts. We all know that. But it’s also not easy to overcome the effects of eating too much of them. Some studies found sugar-heavy diets to be a cause of aging.

You don’t have to take sweets out of your life forever. You need to consume more healthy food such as fruits and vegetables more than you eat sugars.

You don’t only help your skin look its best, but you also help your whole body eat healthily. It won’t be easy to say no to sweet treats, but you can keep eating them to a minimum.


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