Health and Wellness Businesses That are Trending During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Many businesses were negatively affected by the crisis. But for the health and wellness sector, many opportunities opened up. Entrepreneurs with a passion for healthcare saw the opportunity and made sure not to miss the chance to cater to current consumer needs.

There are lots of pandemic-friendly, health and wellness-related businesses that are thriving during these trying times. Their owners are not only taking advantage of the pandemic to make a profit. They are also helping to change the lives of consumers who badly need their service during these challenging times.

Out of all the businesses that are booming this year, the following are dominating the health and wellness industry.

Home Care

These types of services are for individuals who stay at home and need assistance with activities of daily life and healthcare. Those who are sick, have undergone surgery, have limited mobility, or are aging in place usually avail of such services. Home care service providers make sure the needs of their patients are met on a timely basis.

Since the pandemic threatens the lives of seniors in nursing facilities, many of their loved ones are choosing to bring their senior relatives home. For others, they already made the decision to age in place. But since elderly adults can have varying needs and they are not safe to run errands during the pandemic, more of them are turning to home care services.

If you are an entrepreneur planning on investing in a home healthcare franchise opportunity, know that there are many types of services you can offer like the following.

  • personal care which includes assisting patients with grooming
  • meal prep and cooking or delivering meals to your home
  • home upkeep like cleaning the house and doing the laundry
  • money management and running errands
  • healthcare through telehealth or receiving assistance from a home health aide
  • physical or occupational therapy for individuals with impaired speech and mobility

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Virtual Fitness

As we continue to shelter in place, we try to find ways to engage in an active lifestyle. But this becomes tricky as quarantine life demands social distancing. Even if gyms and fitness centers are slowly opening to limited capacities, many people are still reluctant to go.

This is where virtual fitness services come into play. Consumers want to be able to stay active while under quarantine. Instead of simply looking for a workout routine they can copy only, they choose to enroll in virtual fitness classes.

Such services enable one to have a personalized fitness regimen while staying at the comforts of their home. This gives them better peace of mind knowing they are safe inside their house. This also gives them more flexibility over their time in keeping their body strong and active.

Those who are not fond of working out with a class have the option to enroll in one-on-one sessions with a trainer. According to news, up to 85% of consumers attended live-streamed fitness classes. Another 73% opted for prerecorded fitness videos.

Caffeinated Products

More professionals and students alike are working twice as hard during the crisis. Students are spending more time studying despite them learning from home. Their professors are also working way beyond their working hours just to prepare modules, create presentations, and compute their student’s grades.

Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to keep their businesses afloat during the crisis. Remote workers need more energy to stay productive while tending to housework. Those who are also caring for their kids while working from home need to make sure they got most of their tasks covered.

Government officials are racking their brains out on thinking of ways to better protect their citizens safe. Don’t forget about the healthcare workers who work long hours each day just to care for the sick and Covid-19 patients. As a whole, it seems like everyone could use an energy booster to keep them energized during the crisis.

This is why caffeinated products are popular mid-crisis. Companies recreated their campaigns, making sure to target the right audiences to boost their sales. Now, even front liners are investing in pick-me-up drinks like coffee drinks to fuel their body with enough energy to last their long and tiring shifts.

Home care services are catering to seniors, the sick, and those with mobility issues, caffeinated drinks companies are targeting adults who need a refreshing way to last longer working hours. Businesses that offer virtual fitness services are for those who want to stay active while on lockdown. These show that businesses are becoming increasingly creative to provide for the needs and expectations of consumers. Since health is everyone’s priority during the crisis, we can expect more health and wellness services and products to dominate the industry this year.


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