Healthy Habits for Truck Drivers Traveling Long Distances

Mature driver on the road

Driving long distance can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. The work can be monotonous and sedentary. As such, many truck drivers may resort to caffeine and junk food for energy. But it’s important to stay healthy. This can promote benefits not only for your well-being, but also for your career. When you have a truck driving job, ensure you balance your health with your need to get to destinations in a certain amount of time.

Eating Healthy

You’ll likely end up parking at a lot of grocery stores and gas stations if you’re a truck driver. These places normally offer lots of simple and nutritious food. These can include bags of lettuce and spinach, as well as pre-washed and cut vegetables and fruit. These are just some types of healthy food you can pick up during a break.

You can cook grilled meat like chicken and turkey breasts if you have a portable grill. Most department and grocery stores offer these types of equipment.

Exercising Enough

It can be difficult for you to find exercise when you’re working as a truck driver. You only get about 10 hours of rest every day. Between all of that, there’s hardly any time to fit in exercise.

If you do find time for exercise, there are several you could try. You can, for instance, bring on folding bicycles and store them in your truck. When you’re at a truck stop, you can take it out to ride them around the area or to follow little trails.

It’s also a good idea to keep running shoes in your cabin. This is a convenient and inexpensive way for you to walk or jog while you’re at a rest stop. You can get a pedometer to use with your bike or running shoes. This is a tracker that logs your progress and can motivate you to keep up with exercise.

Getting Enough Sleep

Man having a good sleepGood health is oftentimes dependent on getting enough sleep. Don’t settle for a cheap mattress and pillow when you have to rest. Your truck should also come with a portable fan and heater. Your truck may break down unexpectedly. You may need to rest if the repair will take a while, and the device can help keep you warm or cool.

Because it’s so important that you’re well-rested for your job, your sleeping conditions should be as comfortable as they can be.

Calming Your Mind

Truck driving can be monotonous. The roads are similar and the scenery usually consists of the same kinds of trees and signs. It’s easy to get distracted or to think too much and fixate on something when you’ve been driving for hours. Your thought patterns can get distorted and you may begin to react emotionally to situations.

If this presents itself as a problem, consider changing up your driving routine by listening to music, audio-books, and language tapes. These may help you keep your mind active and focused. The road can also then serve as a way for you to learn about various different subjects. You’ll get to branch out and explore the different styles of music. Listening to language tapes on the road encourages you to expand your fluency in various languages, and you may be able to pick up new words and phrases in doing so.


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