Heart Health Alert: Pressing Concerns for Americans Today

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One of the leading causes of death in America is heart disease. You cannot change your family history or genetic predisposition to specific cardiovascular disorders. However, you can do something to lower your risk for heart disease. What are the most pressing concerns for cardiology in Heber today?

Obesity and Its Impact on Cardiovascular Health

If you are serious about avoiding heart problems in the future, you will watch your weight. According to cardiologists, about half of the patients they see for various illnesses of the cardiovascular system are clinically obese. Studies have shown a significant association between hypertension and an increase in body mass index or BMI. Also, studies have shown that there is a lower risk for developing a cardiovascular illness with the maintenance of a healthy weight. Obesity is a rising concern among the American population, not only among adults but also among children. Unfortunately, there seems to be a failure to change current patterns of weight gain despite efforts to address the problem of obesity.

Early Detection and Management

Doctor in scrubs using a tabletYou might think you are too young to consider the possibility of facing heart disease. Your risk for cardiovascular illness might already be increasing because of the lifestyle choices that you make every day. Middle-aged people can already experience a near-fatal heart attack. Moreover, a young person with type 2 diabetes cannot delay management for better heart health. Some people realize too late that early detection of heart problems could have saved them from serious illness later on in life.

If your grandparents or parents have succumbed to any heart problem, you should talk to a cardiologist now to evaluate risk factors. Also, you should determine to live your life with heart health as a priority. Should you have early signs of potential heart issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose, you should seek diagnosis and management immediately. Specific medications are quite successful in lessening the impact of symptoms on daily life and enable the heart to work more efficiently.

Preventive Management

Treatment for heart problems depend on a patient’s need. Aside from medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical approaches, there is a preventive approach to managing cardiovascular disease. Since certain behaviors and choices contribute to developing a cardiac disease, lifestyle changes are often necessary. Such changes are an integral component of preventive care. Regular exercise, limiting alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and lowering sodium intake are some of the pillars of preventive management for heart disease.

In the end, heart problems are so common that millions of families in America today have to provide for loved ones who are stricken. Learn about your risks and seek early diagnosis for a more effective cardiovascular management program. You have the power to change the aspects of your life that compromise heart health. You can avail of numerous online resources to serve as your guide for lifestyle interventions and medical management. Start by perusing American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines on heart health. Also, the World Health Organization has essential literature about lowering cardiovascular risk.


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