How To Determine If Your Boy Is Suffering From Bulimia

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Teens go through a lot of changes in their bodies before they reach their adult years. Because of it, some people develop eating disorders, which can affect their lives in the future.

Most people assume that it’s only women who get affected by these eating problems. But there are countless cases of men who also suffer from the same eating disorder behaviors that women do.

Experts say that in the U.S. alone, ten million men developed an eating disorder at some point in their lives. But partly because of the bias that we have with both men, only a few seek any treatment plan for cases like bulimia nervosa.

Signs of bulimia among teenagers

Having an early intervention with your teen kid can increase the chances of his or her recovery after suffering from an eating disorder. That’s why it’s crucial to learn the signs of bulimia before it gets any worse.

One of the things that you need to watch out for is your child’s food intake. Eating a considerable amount of food as if he’s in a hurry is called bingeing. During these times, they often feel unable to stop this behavior once it starts. It can even continue even when he’s full, too.

Aside from his eating habits, you also should need to be mindful of your child’s behavior, too. Observe if he has any concerns with his weight or his body shape. Most of the time, people with bulimia express frequent concerns with the way they look.

There are also times when they feel guilty after having a meal. Others even suffer from anxiety because of it, too. When this happens, most of them purge the food from their body so that they can avoid gaining a few pounds. When this happens, they spend a lot of time in the bathroom so they can throw up.

So that other people wouldn’t know that they vomited, they use breath mints to hide the smell. They also abuse diet pills so that they can control their weight, too. They also tend to be obsessed with fitness that they often push themselves excessively even when their sick or hurt.

How bulimia affects teens

Bulimia can have serious adverse effects on teenagers. It’s crucial to start educating yourself as well as your teen about its effects.

A few of the health consequences that it can cause is a mineral imbalance. It can also lead to an abnormal bowel movement, too. Poor nutrition also affects other parts of your body. It can cause the blood vessels in your eyes to break and even weaken your tooth enamel. The acid coming from the vomit can also rupture the person’s esophageal wall.

These are only a few of the things that you need to learn if you want to know more about bulimia. If you feel that your teen suffers from it, it’s best to reach out to a professional immediately. Early intervention can significantly help your child, especially when it comes to his recovery.


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