Improving Dental Alignment

Woman with straight teeth

Woman with straight teethAfter having heard about the benefits of dental realignment, many people will ask themselves: what does Invisalign cost in London? These transparent aligners are a great way to keep one’s treatment discreet while they get to work improving dental alignment. The price for this treatment varies depending on what kind of realignment the patient needs to achieve in London. Invisalign cost tends to start at around £1,995. The dentist will always inform the patient of exactly how much they’ll need to pay for the work before it begins. Initial consultations with some dentists are free.

What Affects Invisalign Cost in London?

Prices vary for a number of reasons. One of these is the complexity and duration of the desired realignment. Another is the dentist’s level of experience. Something to look out for is the potential cost of extras, like retainers or cosmetic refinement work, that are not included in the initial price. With some contemporary dentists such as Graham Tinkler in London, Invisalign cost is given as one all-inclusive price. This covers everything from the assessment and dental impressions to the retainers the patient wears at the end of the treatment. Any necessary follow-up work won’t incur any extra charges.

Meticulous Preparation

Invisalign is an innovative technology, customised to the needs of each individual patient. When looking for this treatment, it’s important to check that the dentist uses Invisalign’s own brand of retainers. With these appliances, usually worn at night, the patient’s teeth will become fixed in their improved positions.

In London, Invisalign cost might sometimes seem like a big lump sum. The treatment can often take 12-18 months. More time will likely be needed for more difficult cases. The benefits of the treatment will last for many years afterwards. It can be a real transformation in a person’s dental health and appearance. With straighter teeth, there’ll be an improved visual appeal. As well as this, the teeth will be easier to keep clean, so the risk of gum disease and tooth decay is reduced. Payment options are part of the initial consultation, so the dental team can help the patient to cover their Invisalign cost in London.


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