Why Mukbang Videos Aren’t a Great Influence for Audiences

There is a large amount of content on the internet today. You can find anything that you want to watch. From prank videos to gadget reviews—everything is online nowadays. But there’s one content type that shook the world of video streaming platforms, Mukbang videos.

You might have seen people eating large quantities of food in front of the camera. If you didn’t know yet, that’s what they call a Mukbang video. Mukbang is a Korean word that translates to “eating broadcast.” Basically, these content creators earn by showing themselves eating huge portions of food.

What’s interesting is they do have audiences for these videos. Their clips can rack up several million views in just a matter of days after uploading. This is why these Mukbang content creators are thriving, and people are in awe while watching these types of content.

While Mukbang videos look innocently fun at first, some things need to be addressed about these types of content. One of them is the negative influences they might have. People might be overlooking this aspect because of the entertainment Mukbang videos bring. So what are these negative influences, and how do they affect Mukbang fans?

Promotes over-eating

fried food

Remember the first time you saw a Mukbang video? Perhaps, that still amazes you. The amount of food they have on the table is astonishing. From lobsters to pork rinds, it looked like five people could finish all those foods. But the Mukbanger has all those by themselves, which makes it more incredible. However, some people might think they can also eat large amounts of food, just like what they see in the video.

This is where the problem can arise. There can be people who want to have the same ability as the Mukbangers they idolize. The result is people trying to imitate the eating habits of these content creators they are a fan of. The dangers of eating disorders can be worrisome. Going to extreme lengths of changing your eating habits can take a toll on you.

Risk for oral health

Mukbangers are just like other content creators. Their contents should have some variety or their audiences will get tired of watching them. This prompts them to eat different kinds of food so their fans will always have something new to watch. Some Mukbang videos show people eating different ikinds of candies, which you all know can pose a risk to your oral health.

There’s also this famous Mukbanger named Kate Yup who lost her tooth for chewing on something hard. If people imitate these Mukbangers, they’re also putting themselves at risk of losing permanent teeth. They suddenly need to have dental implants to remedy this problem.

Not safe for kids

We all know that kids are easy to be influenced. They like imitating what they see everywhere. Nowadays, most kids have access to the internet. Pretty sure most of them have already come across these Mukbang videos on YouTube. That’s true, especially since these Mukbang videos on YouTube aren’t age-restricted.

Everybody can see these videos, including kids. Kids are always curious to experience things they only see on TV. That’s why they can copy what they see on Mukbang videos and might make them eat lots of food. If the TV people can do it, so they can. That’s how the kids’ minds work, so you have to look after your children, especially what they watch on the internet.

Can cause distress

There’s a lot of reason some Mukbang videos might cause distress to their audiences. One example is seeing live animals getting harmed as part of the brand for some content creators. Yes, content creators like to eat live animals in front of the camera. While eating live animals is perfectly normal for some cultures, the fact that they’re showing these animals struggle before they’re devoured can cause distress for some viewers.

Some Mukbangers are even doing this cause they feel like it entertains some viewers. Catching a struggling live fish and removing it from water can be very stressful to watch for some. These Mukbangers could have just eaten these creatures instead of showing them struggling first as a form of entertainment.


People can watch whatever they want—that’s the beauty of the internet. It’s just up to you what you should pick up from the things you’re seeing on your computer screens or TV. Sometimes, there are types of content that aren’t advisable anymore, even though society accepts these forms of media. Choose which ones you should be influenced by.


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