Living Life and Loving While Having Herpes


Being diagnosed with herpes (either HSV-1 or HSV-2) can make you feel confused and devastated. If you have it, you are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that one out of 6 individuals within the range of ages 14 to 49 years old have genital herpes. You can also consider online herpes treatment for your condition.

Still, a lot of people feel scared and even ashamed of themselves upon learning that they have this condition. Worse, they would think that it’s the end of their search for true love. Who would want to date someone with a genital illness, anyway? On the contrary, the truth is that having herpes means it is the end of your quest for love as well.

The truth about having herpes

Having herpes can be a shocker in a bad way. It can make you confused, scared, angry, and even disgusted with yourself. There are two types of herpes: HSV-1 and HSV2. The former usually causes genital herpes, while the latter causes cold sores.

While it can leave you feeling different emotions upon learning the bad news, the first thing you have to do is to look for treatment options. However, there is no cure for this condition. On a brighter side, herpes can be managed through various preventive measures such as taking anti-viral prescriptive medications and topical treatments consistently.

However, there will be times when people might judge you because they don’t know enough about the condition. Some diagnosed with the disease think that no one will love them anymore. If you have herpes or just found out that your partner or date has it, how can you deal with this kind of situation?


The truth will set you free

Experts strongly advise being open to your partner and telling the truth. More importantly, this crucial information should be disclosed before having any intimate contact with someone. Better yet, you should bring the topic up if you have already established a pleasant and comfortable relationship with someone. Otherwise, your date might be turned off and even receive judgment when you shouldn’t.

Of course, you need to assure your date that you are doing everything to manage the condition. If the other person is the one who has the disease, never be quick to judge as well. It’s all about honest communication and safe practices to avoid possible complications if ever. Here are other ways to reassure each other, regardless of the condition.

  • Be consistent with taking the prescribed medications. The same goes for your partner in case he or she is the one who has it.
  • Practice safe lovemaking by using protection. Better yet, practice abstinence during your relationship.
  • Learn to manage stress. Stress is also a significant contributor to a herpes outbreak. Make sure to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Having herpes does not mean the end of the world for you. It is all about having honest communication with your partner and taking the initiative to manage your condition.


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