Loosen Up and Lose Weight Through Deep Tissue Massage

Woman getting a deep tissue massageMost people run to spas at the height of stress because massages offer amazing benefits, mainly relaxation. Marilyn Monroe Spas, a spa which also offers beauty treatment services, knows that a massage is useful in treating all kinds of body pain.

With the different types of massages available, the deep tissue massage is capable of something quite surprising. Deep tissue massage seems to be helpful in reducing weight through many ways. Although it does not specifically help you lose weight, it helps you indirectly drop some weight.

If you’re planning to shed a couple of pounds, you might want to try the deep tissue massage.

Reduce Cellulite

Too much fat accumulation leads to the development of cellulite. Among other things, you can find cellulite around the buttocks area. Bodies store fat in tiny appendages known as fat cells, and deep tissue massage helps reduce cellulite by breaking the subcutaneous tissue.

Research has proven that regularly massaging the area with an excessive accumulation of fat can reduce fat cells. The proper massage technique leads to the distribution of the fats, which the body readily absorbs. Other than this, massages can also get rid of unwanted cellulite marks.

But experts still suggest that the deep tissue massage will be effective if received alongside regular exercises and healthy diet. If muscle pain and other injuries stop you from working out, massages help you get back up, so you can keep burning calories.

Boost Metabolism

Metabolism keeps your body alive and functioning. If you’re looking into dropping a few pounds, you might want to increase your body’s metabolism; deep tissue massage can also help boost that. A faster metabolism helps you burn up calories at a quicker pace. Bear in mind that this increase also helps cut down the cellulite levels in your body.

There’s more to deep tissue massages than the treatment of body pain. But always choose a trained massage therapist to ensure you reap all the benefits.


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