Losing a Loved One is Hard Enough


Working through a loved one’s personal affairs after they have passed on is unfortunately stressful, burdensome and sometimes lengthy. It is a difficult process that is made no easier by the fact that emotions run high at this time and people are sometimes flustered and not themselves.

That is why it is important to have a professional available who is experienced, calm and considerate during these times. By having a probate solicitor Emsworth available to work through this tiresome process, making sure that everything is seamless and well organised, individuals are allowed to focus on what is important and to take that necessary time to grieve.

What is a personal representative?

Usually, one person will be assigned to be the personal representative of the estate. Usually this is a close loved one, or a family member. This person can choose to have whomever they need on side to support them in ensuring that the contents of the will are distributed according to the deceased individual’s wishes.

There are other legal obligations that this person needs to comply with and depending on the size of the estate this can be either quite straightforward or complex. One of these obligations is to obtain a grant. A lawyer is able to guide the personal representative through the process of obtaining one of these grants alongside other necessary processes that are formally required.

It is important to take the advice and guidance of a solicitor in these times as missing documentation or improperly filed documents can turn out to be extremely confusing, burdensome and stressful for everyone involved in the estate.

What happens if a loved one never wrote a will before they died?


It is important for everyone to write out a will. It becomes more important when there are children involved or a person is in a relationship with another but is not married, or is even divorced. Should there not be a will available for a person after they have passed on, then their estate is divided according to intestacy laws.

These laws vary greatly from country to country, however they are the same in the fact that little can be done to accommodate an individual’s personal preferences or what the surviving loved ones would believe to be the wishes of the individual.

In these cases, many people feel that they have been left out of an estate where they would otherwise be included. However, it is the best case scenario where everyone who is legally identified as being the closest surviving family members are given proportionate percentages of the estate.

These instances are reminders for individuals to ensure that their affairs are up to date, regardless of their current health situation. Everyone knows the pain of losing a loved one, so by making the process of settling an estate as easy as possible for those left behind, individuals are doing what they can to provide their family with some sense of ease during this time.

Alongside this, professionals are able to guide those assigned to manage the estate so that they are not overwhelmed with paperwork and documentation during this difficult time.


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