How to optimise your content for successful dental SEO

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Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is very important for creating a strong online presence. It can help in making sure that your information reaches your target audience so that they are aware of the treatments you have to offer and can get in touch with you to address their dental needs. There are many different ways to optimise your website to help you achieve a good ranking on the search results list for dental practices in the area.

Keyword optimisation

Keyword optimisation is an effective method of dental SEO. Keyword optimisation is a form of on-page dental SEO and has developed significantly over the last few years. Originally, keyword optimisation involved repeating the same keyword as many times as possible on the same page; however, this does not work any longer. The goal of on-page SEO is to give Google context about what your page is all about. Keywords now need to be used strategically across the page, helping Google understand the overall topic of the content. First, we need to include your target keyword in a few important places on the page, meaning that Google can understand that your page is about that specific term. This includes mentioning your keyword in your title tag, within the first 100 words of your page, in your image alt text, in an H1 tag and in your H2/3 tag. You should also include keywords in the last 100 words of your page. Strategically placed keywords help the content flow more easily for comfortable reading.

LSI keywords

Another way to help Google understand the context of your page is to include LSI keywords or latent semantic indexing. LSI keywords are words and phrases that are closely related to your target keyword. When Google recognises LSI keywords on your page, it recognises that your content is actually about that topic. These words are then used across the page strategically and can help you attract more readers to your content.

Optimising user experience

Another great way of enhancing your dental SEO is by optimising your content for users. Initially, Google would rank pages based on who had the most backlinks. Backlinks are still crucial, and you must address this factor to help boost your potential. But as well as backlinks, the content needs to be optimised for users. Google pays close attention to help people interact with your website. If Google finds that people are clicking on your website and quickly heading back to the search results, then this will reduce your position in the search results list. If they see users spend a significant amount of time on your page, then this is a positive sign and helps give your rankings a boost. Speak to your digital dental marketing team to find out more about optimising your website for user experience and how you can encourage visitors to spend time on your website, exploring what you have to offer. Learn more about the treatments and procedures that they are interested in until they are ready to book an appointment and visit you in person.


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