Practical Tips for Parenting Kids With ADD

Taking Care of Children with ADD

Raising children is definitely a tiring but rewarding job. But this becomes more challenging for parents with kids who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sometimes, parents find themselves at wits-end thinking of ways to handle their children better. It is, therefore, good to know that help for kids with ADD is available in Draper and other communities.

There are thousands of other parents feeling the weight of the struggles and frustrations of battling with their kids every day. They are searching for parenting tips to help them understand the situation better. Reading some books and researching about ADD can bring in plenty of stories, but the key here is to focus on things that you can control: your own actions and decisions.

Here are some helpful tips for parents to lessen frustrating moments and help kids with ADD feel better.

Care for Children with ADD

Do Not Take Things Personally

When your child starts acting up, do not take it personally. Otherwise, you will end up resorting to “reactive parenting,” which, in turn, will only make matters even worse. Avoid threats, yelling and spanking, as these will only let your kid feed on the energy and continue misbehaving. Parents who are less reactive become more proactive and mindful. This will allow you to use tough times to teach important lessons to your child.

List All the Seeds and Weeds

“Seeds” are behaviors, emotions and actions that you would want to cultivate in your child while “weeds” are the ones you should not tolerate. Be specific in listing these things down and contemplate on it. Regardless of how or why your little one has been diagnosed with ADD, their behavior develops based on the amount of attention it receives.

Most of the time, ADD behaviors will pull parents’ energy towards the “weeds,” which make them multiply even more. When this happens, there will be little energy to cultivate the “seeds” of happiness and success. Work this around for things to get better.

Starve the “Weeds” and Catch Every “Seed”

Being firm, walking away and staying away from negative behavior will eventually starve them out. Once the tantrum stops, casually connect with your child with as simple as a thumbs up or a smile. It does not really matter how you nurture the “seeds” of healthy behavior. As long as they get most of your energy, they will continue to flourish.

Children with ADD require consistent rules and these are critical in their learning process. Teach them about consequences and limits and give them firm rules to follow. When a rule is established, make sure that the whole family sticks to it. Follow through each of these rules and implement rewards or consequences.

Remember that things will not be easy for both parents and kids with ADD. The results may be slow to come, but these will be a sweet success for you both. Just keep in mind that this is a learning process that you will soon learn and master.


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