Preserving Your Pearly Whites: 3 Things You Can Do To Prevent Teeth Stain

Dentist with patient smiling

Dentist with patient smilingHow a person’s teeth look teeth has a big impact on his or her overall appearance. It is no wonder, then, that many people work to achieve pearly, stain-free whites.

But, people’s habits can sometimes get in the way of achieving those white teeth. Coffee, tea, and cigarettes are only a few of the things that lead to teeth discoloration. More than the cosmetic issues, though, teeth stains can be signs of weak teeth and can also be a precursor to other oral problems. The condition can also make a person more self-conscious, which can lead to a lower self-esteem.

Yellowed or stained teeth can be treated through a full mouth restoration, says Downtown Parker Dental, a general dental clinic in Parker, CO. But, there are also ways you can prevent tooth stains from happening.

1. Drink Through a Straw

When you drink dark beverages like soda directly from the cup or the bottle, you expose your teeth to the sugary substances. A straw reduces this exposure. Meaning, bacteria has less of a chance to stick to your teeth.

2. Brush Right After Coffee

The pigments of coffee can sit on the ridges of the tooth enamel. The longer the pigment stays, the more intense the stain will be. Brush your teeth using a whitening toothpaste – particularly those that contain baking soda – after you drink this dark beverage.

3. Have a Calcium-Rich Diet

Tooth discoloration is not only caused by sugar. It can also be a result of enamel erosion. When the enamel becomes damaged, the dentin, which is yellow in color, is exposed. You can prevent tooth stains when you strengthen your enamel by consuming calcium-rich products like cheese, milk, and broccoli.

Keeping your teeth white means keeping your oral health in check. Good dental habits can also save you from more painful problems like tooth decay or worse, tooth extraction. Additional tip: chewing on sugarless gum after every meal can help counteract the effects of acidity on the teeth.


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