Size Matters: 3 Things That Make Your Breasts Smaller or Bigger

Woman with Big Breast

If you’re like most women who are always in tune with their bodies, you probably know your lady lumps very well. That, for one, they’re often not exactly the same the last time you checked. Sometimes, they look smaller than yesterday or have grown bigger. What’s behind all these changes in breast size? Here are the common reasons:

Weight Gain or Loss

Many people think that what they eat affects breast size. The truth of the matter is, it’s what happens after you eat that makes the change. Breasts are made up of fat. When you lose weight, let’s say from following a diet program, this loss would reflect on your breast size.

The same effect happens when you gain weight. This is the reason many people who have lost weight (and thus, have shrunk boobs) consider breast augmentation that Utah plastic surgeons provide. If you’re thinking about going through the same procedure, ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate.

Birth Control

Yes, the pill doesn’t just prevent pregnancies or regulate your period — it could also cause changes in the breast size. This is largely due to water retention and the weight gain resulting from the increase in hormones. After a few weeks or months of being on the pill, though, the breasts would go back to its normal size or if you stopped taking them altogether.

In short, the changes are just temporary. Cosmetic surgery is what you need if you want a longer-lasting, fuller boobs. Before taking any pills though, it’s best to talk to your OB-GYN to know its effects.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Many changes in the body happen when you’re expecting, and that includes changes in breast size. Due to an increased level of hormones, like progesterone, the boobs can grow significantly. It will get bigger as the body produces milk for breastfeeding. Again, this is a temporary change and your breasts will go back to its normal size three to four months after feeding your baby. If you don’t plan on getting pregnant again, but want to keep those big boobs, consider breast augmentation.

Boobs change over time — shrinking and swelling every now and then. This is all a natural part of growing as a woman. Keep your lady lumps healthy by consulting doctors regularly.


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