Slim But Fit: 3 Workouts to Get That Shapely Body

Woman Doing a Workout

Weight loss is more than just keeping a good diet—it also needs spot-on exercise routines so you can get into shape. Incorporate these key exercises into your workout, as they target areas in a certain way that is meant to give women a shapelier result.

Whittle Down Your Waist

Who doesn’t like abs? A toned middle is the highlight of any beach body but achieving a thin but toned waist is tricky. There’s a difference between toning the abs and whittling it down to a toned fit. The latter is a better option, especially for women who want abs without a thicker waist.

Part of weight loss workouts for women should be resistance exercises on the main ab muscles. These can include lying leg raises and decline sit-ups with a twist.

Spend Time on Your Arms

If there’s one part of the body that becomes noticeably thin and fit when losing weight, it would have to be the arms. Once you’ve attained toned arms, there’s always the urge to want to accentuate them in a nice halter top or a sleeveless dress for summer. To get there, you need to make arm exercises a part of your routine.

The best way to see results fast is to put arm workouts on time under tension phase. Instead of rushing through workouts, it’s more important to prolong the time they’re under tension, so the process of breaking down and growing for arm muscles will hasten.

Do Chest Exercises

Among the biggest fear when it comes to exercising the upper body is transforming into a thick tank instead of having a shapely fit body. This misconception includes fear of chest exercises, but in reality, these are important to develop upper body strength. At the same time, exercising the chest area allows you to develop your pecs. When these become firmer and bigger, they actually uplift your breasts, giving a perkier boost.

Working out for women is the same with regular workouts. The key is to know which to focus on so you can get a toned but shapely physique.


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