Smile Like a Teenager

Woman showing her white teeth

The years after 50 can arguably be the best of one’s life, with more money to spend, no longer worrying about what to become when grown up and having a much greater sense of self-worth. However, teeth may have been discoloured over time due to gum disease or some types of medication, from consumption of some foods, fizzy drinks and fruit juices, red wine and of course smoking. They are all contributory factors that can alter the colour of teeth and get in the way of confident smiles. Teeth whitening in Belfast can peel back the years and bring back the sparkle as well as being a safe and affordable treatment.

Although teeth whitening in Belfast is available through the internet or from High Street shops, the most effective options are available through reputable dentists such as Blue Sky Dentistry.

There are two different forms of cost-effective treatment available through dentists, these include:

Whitening treatments in-clinic

Sometimes called power whitening, in-clinic teeth whitening in Belfast is the quickest method of whitening teeth. Carried out during a single visit to the dentist and completed in around an hour, it offers great results in a short space of time. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle or who needs quick results for a job interview or a special date. The dentist places a plastic protective barrier that covers the lips and gums, a whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. A UV lamp that activates the whitening process is positioned over the teeth, leaving the patient to switch off, lie back and look forward to teeth that are several shades brighter.

Whitening from the comfort of home

Depending on the amount of discolouration on teeth, home whitening can take 2-3weeks. However, the advantages include a short visit to the dentist and then whitening whilst relaxing at home or even sleeping the night through. From an impression made of the patient’s teeth, the dentist produces a customised tray that will fit snugly over the lower and upper teeth. At home, the tray is then filled with the gel and worn whilst relaxing watching a good film or at night time whilst sleeping.


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