Stopping the Signs of Hair Loss Before it Even Starts

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If you came from a family that has a history with hair loss, you should expect that you will get the same condition. However, hair loss also has other causes. Some of the most common ones are an unhealthy diet, extreme stress, dry scalp, and excessive heat damage. Over half of the world’s population suffers from hair loss, which is a common condition for men as early as age 35. If you are worried that you will lose chunks of your hair at some point in your life, you should consider preventive measures at an early age.

Add More Protein in Diet

Keratin is a basic protein that is responsible for the production of hair follicles. If you are experiencing hair loss, you may be suffering from nutritional deficiency. To make sure that you have healthy hair growing up, you need to add more protein-rich food in your diet. Soy, fish, lean meat, and dairy products are good examples. Apart from being a hair loss preventive measure, protein can provide enough health benefits to convince you to change your diet.

Change Your Shampoo

Keeping your scalp clean by using shampoo is already a good sign for those who are afraid of hair loss. However, you can switch to a hair product that ensures hair growth and improves its strength. Find shampoos that don’t use strong formulas that can lead to irritation and dry scalp. Some of the most helpful products include those with natural oil ingredients such as coconut and moringa oil for hair growth.

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Avoid Regular Hot Showers

Heat damage is not limited to ironing the hair or overexposing yourself under the sun. It may also come from showers with hot water. Heat can weaken protein, which is an essential nutrient for the hair. Hot baths also strip the essential oils needed to protect the scalp. When your hair takes heat damage, it may become thin and gradually lead to hair fall. Avoiding regular hot showers and use of heating tools will be helpful for your quest to prevent hair loss.

Give Your Hair a Break

Our hair, like every other part of the body, needs healthy treatment. The disadvantage, however, is that we cannot feel pain when we are doing something wrong by it. Dyeing your hair constantly with wild colors can be extremely dangerous for its health. Bleaching and using hair sprays can weaken hair follicles as well. Hair-pulling, which is a common way to deal with stress for some people, will only speed up the process of hair loss. If you want to commit yourself into preventing hair loss, you must reduce these harmful acts to a minimum.

Take Supplements

The state of your hair is a good indicator of your nutritional level. If you notice that your hair looks a bit dead, you need to take supplements to bring it back to life. Taking multivitamins will help you retain good hair because it includes vitamins A, B, C, D, selenium, zinc, and iron. You may also take biotin if you want to extend the life of your hair.

There are plenty of reasons you should try to prevent hair loss, especially when you know that it is coming. However, you may not notice your need for hair loss prevention until it is too late. Fortunately, the tips are just small tweaks, which means that it will be easy to add them to your daily routine.


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