Implementing SEO techniques for a strong patient attraction system

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Google serves over 70% of desktop searches and over 90% of mobile searches worldwide. To make sure that you have a strong patient attraction system in place for your dental practice, your website and online content need to be optimised for Google and rank highly on its search engine results pages. This is the most effective way of attracting patients in this era of digital technology. Without a good patient attraction system, you will be unable to succeed amongst your competitors in this overcrowded market. You need to put together a patient attraction system that keeps up with the current trends but also stands out from the crowd to encourage patients to address their dental needs with you rather than the other dental practices in your area.

To help prospective patients find your website easily, there are several different techniques and strategies that need to be implemented across your website. This includes the technical aspects of the website, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. For a successful patient attraction system, you need to address each of these aspects of SEO.

You may not have heard of these different types of SEO and might be wondering how to implement them on your website. However, you are not alone, and most people are unaware of the different techniques involved in SEO unless they are trained in information technology. To help you do this, you need to speak to a multi-award-winning digital dental marketing team that specialises in creating patient attraction systems for dental practices and focuses on dental SEO.

Technical SEO

By maintaining technical SEO, you will make sure that Google is able to search, crawl and index your website pages easily and effectively. Therefore, when a dental query is carried out by a member of your community, Google can direct them to you if you have the answers to their dental needs. Technical SEO involves making sure that your website is working correctly and that there are no unnecessary delays between clicks. It not only helps Google find its way around your website but also promotes a better user experience. A website that has simple architecture is easier to navigate, and patients will be able to find the information that they are looking for without delay.

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On-page SEO & off-page SEO

On-page SEO includes researching keywords for dental searches in your area and using them to create new and exciting website content. You should use the popular keywords strategically and repetitively throughout page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and URLs. Other on-page SEO techniques include internal links, and these should be included when appropriate to help boost the user experience.

Off-page SEO is the activities that are carried out outside of your website to help boost your Google ranking and attract new patients to you. This includes link building and interacting with others on dental forums and social media marketing. Speak to your digital dental marketing team today to find out more about SEO and how it can help boost your patient attraction system.


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