Sunflower Oil: The Amazing All-Natural Skin Healer and Protector

woman taking a herbal bath.

Topical application of sunflower oil cures athlete’s foot. The vegetable oil extracted from sunflower seeds is a highly recommended alternative for cooking given its benefits to disease prevention and cardiovascular health.

You may have heard from friends that some brands of herbal soap now available in the Philippines contain sunflower oil as the active ingredient. Why is this product such an important component of cosmetic preparations today?

An excellent moisturizer

Helianthus annuus – the lovely sunflower plant is the source of an amazing emollient. It is a great example of a natural moisturizer. The beautiful flowers are now cultivated and harvested in order to answer the huge demand for the oil, which boosts the capacity of dry skin to retain moisture.

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to dehydration, a mixture of oils that includes sunflower oil should solve the problem. It has calming properties as well, and its high vitamin E content allows the skin to trap moisture within the cells. Your skin remains hydrated for a long period.

Dependable skin protection from damage

As mentioned above, sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E – more than shea butter of almond oil. This property makes the oil a good protector – preventing damage from the elements. You can be confident that with the regular application you will not have less facial wrinkles to contend with.

In addition, vitamin E also lowers the likelihood of huge and obvious scars forming. Sunflower oil has a significant content of beta-carotene, which when converted to vitamin A facilitates repair of skin damage from sun exposure.

herbal oil applied on foot

A reliable healer

If your primary issue these days is acne, sunflower oil is still in the running as a natural remedy. One of the best things about sunflower oil is that it takes no time to absorb. Skin laps it up almost immediately, and therefore there is no anxiety about pores clogging up. With its high content of vitamins A, C and D, sunflower oil promotes healing of acne and prevents recurrence as well.

Antioxidants promote skin regeneration and prevent premature signs of aging from manifesting. Some skin types are more prone to premature aging, particularly with continuous and consistent sun exposure. Sunflower oil also decreases the rate and development of skin aging, specifically less development of wrinkles and fine lines with regular use.

Sun protection like no other

Sunflowers are known to face the sun. When we see them, we feel a burst of joy in our hearts. When you look at sunflowers now remember that cosmetic products with the ingredient provide excellent sun protection for all skin types.

Apply sunflower oil on your skin before going out to face the new day and be assured of protection against harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer.

In this day and age, too many environmental stressors can damage your skin. What can you do to maintain a youthful glow? Some signs of damage are not seen outwardly. Think about using products offering effective all-natural protection. Think about using sunflower oil and benefiting from its amazing cosmetic properties.


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