Surprise Offerings at the Dentist

a dentist checking on a patient

a dentist checking on a patientDental practices, like any other business, need to develop and keep adding more value to their offerings. When someone is choosing a dentist in Southgate, they can choose anyone that they like – it does not need to be within a certain distance of their house like their children’s school, for example. This means that practices need to be competitive, and they need to meet and exceed expectations.

How does someone go about choosing a dentist in Southgate? The broad range offered by some practices, like Adams Dental, goes a long way towards supporting the choice that some people make to use them on a regular basis.

The fact that they offer some surprising services like those mentioned below means that they are able to meet the needs of more patients than an average dental clinic.

These are just some of the services that can be found at the dentist in Southgate:


Looking good after visiting the dentist used to mean that someone had simply had issues with their teeth addressed. Now many practices offer additional services that pay attention to the skin as well. They are able to offer patients a clean and safe environment where they can get a treatment like Botox. This is injected into the patient’s face by a clinician who has medical training. Afterwards, they begin to see changes that will complement their smile within the coming weeks.


The practice of clinical hypnosis has been present in the dental industry for decades now. On many levels, it has proven to be an effective technique for dealing with dental phobia and anxiety. In extreme cases, it has been used in place of anaesthesia for patients who are unable to undergo normal procedures. More commonly, however, it is used to supplement normal pain relief and support nervous patients;

Snoring relief

Snoring is a problem for many people. Up to half of men in the UK snore on a regular basis and more than 59% of people report having a partner who snores. If this is causing regular sleep loss, it can be really detrimental to someone’s life. Fortunately, there are dental techniques and equipment that can assist with snoring cessation.


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