The Answer To Needle Phobia In Dental Patients

a dental check up

Many people are nervous of visiting a dentist in Buckinghamshire, and one of the reasons for this is a fear of needles or pain. Dentists regularly need to inject local anaesthetic into a patient’s gums, and although the purpose of the anaesthetic is to numb any pain, the injection itself can cause a small amount of discomfort.

That fear of needles can be a thing of the past now when visiting a dentist in Buckinghamshire, as many practices are turning to Wand painless injections. Practices such as Garden View Dental Care can offer patients virtually pain-free anaesthetic delivery with this innovative new system.

What is the Wand?

The Wand is a part of the CompuDent system – an anaesthetic delivery system that looks nothing like the traditional needle. For starters, patients will see a modern computer unit – that’s intriguing enough to overcome some fear. Attached to this is a handpiece that the dentist uses, called the Wand. The handpiece looks more like a pen than a syringe, further allaying the patient’s fears.

No more bee sting effect

People often liken the feel of an anaesthetic injection to a bee sting. Not many people know that this pain is caused by the surge of liquid into a confined area of tissue. The Wand eliminates this effect by using computer-controlled delivery that allows for an even flow. This may not seem like a big deal, but it allows the anaesthetic to be administered virtually painlessly. With the lack of scary needles and pain, many people feel more confident about visiting a dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Focused delivery means no more ‘fat lip’

It is common for patients to leave the dentist with a numb cheek, tongue or lip due to anaesthetic. This can take some time to wear off and make eating and drinking messy at best. The Wand system allows for a much more focussed delivery of anaesthetic, meaning the after-effects are more manageable.

Visit a dentist in Buckinghamshire with confidence

Patients who avoided the dentist because of a fear of needles or pain no longer need to shy away from much-needed dental treatments. By choosing a dentist that can offer the Wand, they can relax knowing they are being looked after.


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