The Connection Between Stained Teeth and Your Choice of Beverage

woman with half discoloured teeth

woman with half discoloured teethDiscoloured or noticeably yellow teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem. Apart from compromising the look of your smile, they could also hamper your confidence. This is why if you’re dealing with stained teeth, it’s worth considering to change some of your habits or visit a dentist for in-office whitening.

You can also benefit from minding the beverages you usually drink. Certain drinks can stain your choppers and increase your risk of developing decay or cavities. Townsville cosmetic dentistry centres note that acidic and dark-coloured beverages contain lots of sugar and other additives that can wear away the enamel and make your smile look dull.

Here are some of the drinks that can stain your teeth:


This beverage contains a dark coloured pigment that can attach to the enamel and the teeth. Regular and frequent consumption of coffee can cause yellowing of the teeth over time. It may also increase your risk of decay, especially if you drink with lots of sugar.


Some varieties of tea can cause more teeth discolouration than others. Darker ones like black tea can stain your teeth just like coffee. If you love drinking this beverage, it’s best to buy high-quality teas, as they are less likely to cause staining.

Soft drinks and sports drinks

These beverages contain lots of sugar and acid that can weaken your enamel and turn your teeth yellow. This is especially true if you make soft drinks a part of your daily meal. It can also increase your risk of cavities.


Frequent consumption of alcohol can stain your teeth and soften the tooth enamel. Using a straw when drinking can help lessen the effects. Do take note, however, that discolouration intensifies if you like mixing alcoholic beverages with dark sodas.

The Best Choice

Plain or fluoridated water remains the best beverage, as it has no sugar, acid and other additives that can contribute to cavities. Milk is also a good choice, as it contains calcium and phosphorus that can protect the enamel. You can still drink some of the beverages mentioned above but only do so occasionally.

Your choice of drink can greatly affect your smile and oral health. Be sure to limit your consumption of sugary and acidic beverages, and wait for at least an hour before brushing your teeth. You can also visit a cosmetic dentist to change the colour of your teeth and give you a winning smile.


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