The Struggles with Missing Teeth and Why You Should End Them Now

Smiling man with missing tooth

A missing tooth is not an appealing sight. Apart from creating gaps between your teeth, it can also make you feel embarrassed when smiling, talking, or laughing in public. You might also feel inhibited in front of the camera or always attempt to look happy even when your mouth is closed. You may even become so worried about your smile to the point that you’d avoid certain social situations.

Negative Perception of Your Personality

The struggles that come with losing a tooth are real. Other than affecting your appearance, it can also taint other’s perception of you. Some may see you as unfriendly, while others may consider you as unsuccessful or unhealthy. The sad part is you can’t stop people from having a negative perception based on your teeth.

Bone Reduction and Poor Nutrition

Dentists providing dental implants in Tauranga noted that the repercussion of missing teeth can go beyond appearance and first impressions. Without proper replacement, it can lead to bone loss reduction. If you’re missing a lot of teeth, your cheeks may sag and lead to premature ageing. It can also affect your ability to chew certain food, which can affect your nutrition.

The Problem with Traditional Dentures

Conventional dentures can solve the cosmetic problem of gaps, but they do nothing to preserve bone mass. They can even speed up bone loss and cause chewing difficulties. There’s also the concern of the dentures slipping or falling out after some time. This is why you should never settle for dentures when replacing your missing teeth.

The Best Replacement Solution

Dental implants are a stable and permanent solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. They also have an artificial tooth root that integrates with the jawbone, giving you a smile that looks and feels natural. Dental implants can replace both front and back teeth, so you won’t have a problem smiling or chewing certain foods.

No other missing tooth replacement option beats the aesthetics and functionality of implants. If you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, you can easily reclaim your confidence with implants. Talk to a dental implant dentist today and find out more about their benefits.


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