Three Common Questions About Dental Implants Answered

Dentist examining patient's teeth

Dentist examining patient's teethDental implants in London are a great way to fix a smile that has a gap or two in it. They are used to permanently replace missing teeth. Most people approach dental implants with a sense of excitement about the results but a little trepidation about the process.

A dentist that offers dental implants in London, like Moor Park Dental, will be able to offer their patients a lot of information and reassurance before they decide to go ahead with their treatment. This allows them to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to enjoy the benefits of dental implants in London.

There are some common questions that come up repeatedly among patients seeking dental implants. While the precise answers may vary depending on the circumstances, there is some guidance that applies to all cases.

1. How long will it take?

There are a number of factors that determine the amount of time that a treatment will take. It depends on whether any preparation is required and the natural healing abilities of the patient’s jawbone. A simple case can be completed, including healing, in a few months. Something more complex might require a commitment of a year or more.

2. How many implants are required?

If someone needs a single tooth replaced, the answer is easy. However, if they require the restoration of multiple teeth, the answer is not so clear. This is because someone does not need to have a dental implant for every tooth that needs replacing. Multiple teeth can be mounted on a single fitting using a bridge or denture.

3. How will they look?

The beauty of dental implants in London is that they are very similar in appearance to natural teeth. Someone could easily have dental implants that no one else knows they have.

Dental implants can also have a positive effect on the appearance of the face. Tooth loss and jawbone deterioration can lead to a sunken appearance. Other tooth replacement method do not necessarily address this. Dental implants help to ensure that the facial structure continues to look great and that the jawbone does not deteriorate. This is because they stimulate the tissue and blood vessels in this area.


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