Treating the Whole Person

Woman with white teeth ready for procedure

People may think that dentistry is just about teeth, that all the dentist does is help to prevent and fix oral health problems and give the teeth a good once over every 6 months. But a dentist is not a tooth mechanic. Like any health professional, they may be treating a particular condition or part of the body, but there’s a whole person connected to that body. There are thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with that replacement filling or stained tooth.

Listen and understand

This is particularly true when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. In Edinburgh, and other cities across the UK, cosmetic dentists aim to enhance someone’s smile, when perhaps it’s a part of themselves that they’ve been ashamed of for years. The cosmetic dentist, at practices such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists, has to be compassionate as well as technically skilled.

For example, dental professionals practising cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh are aware that patients hide their smile. They may have spent a good chunk of their life covering up a wonky tooth or a gapped grin, and even now they have decided to do something about it, it’s still a sensitive subject. And while a dentist isn’t a psychotherapist, patients looking for cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh would be wise to find a clinician who understands these psychological and emotional factors are part and parcel of the treatment.

Art, science and well-being

After all, a cosmetic dentist is an artist as well as a scientist. It’s their life’s work to bring out the beauty in a smile and their whole effort is geared towards creating a happier smile that the patient enjoys using. To do that, they need the patient to talk to them and share openly their worries, concerns and fears.

Whether that’s a concern about the cost or pain-factor of a treatment, or a worry about how they will look at the end, it’s far easier to practise cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh with full disclosure from the patient. That way the dentist can plan the most effective and suitable treatment possible.They can also allay fears and suggest solutions that may be more palatable for the patient.


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