Treatments For A Brighter Smile


More people are taking better care of their appearance than ever before. From orthodontics to facial aesthetics and teeth whitening in Harley Street, the various cosmetic procedures to improve one’s face and smile are becoming increasingly more advanced as the demand for them grows. But why are people so adamant about whitening their teeth to improve their appearance? Where does this obsession come from and what are the benefits?

Benefits of tooth whitening

A brighter and whiter smile is the ultimate ideal once teeth have been straightened with many people opting for a bleaching treatment, and it’s easy to see why as the psychology behind a pretty smile is irrefutable and many want to gain from the benefits of having bright white teeth.

Good first impressions – A healthy-looking smile makes a good first impression. Humans have adapted to signal out certain physical qualities above others when meeting new people and a straight, white smile is one of the things the human eye looks for upon meeting an individual. It is associated with good health and hygiene and in many cultures is considered to be an attractive feature to the opposite sex.

Self-confidence – When a person has a beautiful smile they will feel confident about it knowing that the first impression they make with regards to their appearance will be a good one.

Mood – Science has shown that the simple act of smiling releases endorphins in the brain and once one has whiter brighter teeth they will be encouraged to smile more often thus feeling happier.

Anti-ageing – Over time, teeth begin to stain and yellow due to the foods and drinks that people consume. A brighter white smile makes for a more youthful appearance in individuals.

Overall oral health – Once someone has invested in whitening their teeth, they are more likely to want to maintain the good look of their teeth which means taking better care of them and thus enjoying the benefits of overall dental health.

In-house vs. at home

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Whitening treatments can be done at the dentist in the chair as well as in the comfort of the home; each has its own set of benefits but both will ensure a brighter whiter smile:

Zoom – This is the in-house treatment that patients can get with the dental hygienist and often only a single 1-hour treatment is needed. Once the gums have been protected and covered, a gel will be painted onto each individual tooth and a light is applied over the whole set of teeth to activate the bleaching agents within the gel. Once the treatment is complete, teeth will immediately look a few shades lighter than before.

Enlighten – This is a custom at-home treatment for patients looking to gradually brighten their teeth. The results offer a uniquely sparkly smile for any event or life opportunity that people may be seeking to give themselves that extra bit of subtle enhancement. The treatment helps oxygenate the teeth which break down any molecules that have clung to the enamel which are staining the teeth.


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