Water to the Rescue: How Drinking Water Can Improve Health and Skincare

Drinking Water

Drinking WaterYou don’t have to be thirsty for you to start drinking water. Water intake should be a regular part of your meals and daily activities.

Water sustains us; it sustains life. A human’s body is approximately made up of 60% water. As an organ, the skin requires water in order for it to function correctly.

If you notice your urine to be unclear when you’re not taking medication that can cause it, then you might want to both drink more fluids and visit a doctor.

Why is Hydration Important?

  • Digestion – Getting enough water in the system helps the body digest the food it intakes. If a person is not hydrated well enough, the body does not produce enough enzymes in saliva that help break down the food we eat.
  • Prevents dehydration – Our every action and every move make us use up water in the body. Exercising, sweating, and even breathing causes the body to lose water. This is why replacing it with more water is important.
  • Gets rid of waste – The body loses water with everything we do, which is why rehydrating is important. Getting enough water allows the body to properly dispel waste through sweating, urinating and While it does not cure constipation, drinking water can help ease this as well.
  • Flushes out toxins – Drinking water helps strip the digestive tract of toxins. This helps metabolize stored fat.
  • Eases Fatigue – There are many reasons for fatigue. While drinking more water doesn’t completely eliminate it once it occurs, proper hydration can definitely contribute to the prevention.
  • Keeps us cool – Whenever participating in high intensity exercises, water helps the body stay cool by regulating the body’s natural cooling system.
  • Improves Skin – Drinking water maintains the skin’s elasticity. It also helps it from becoming dried out and wrinkly. However, this won’t happen if not partnered with proper sleep and moisturizing.
  • Improves Mood – Being dehydrated impacts a person’s overall mood and outlook. You won’t feel well if you’re dehydrated, and that will definitely show in how you carry yourself and your interactions with other people. Being dehydrated even causes people to be irritable. Being properly watered can prevent this from happening.

There are so much more benefits of drinking water that are not stated above. This goes to show that water is an essential part of a person’s daily life, which is why it’s so important for you to keep yourself hydrated every day.


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