Ways to Make a Terminally Ill Patient Comfortable

Taking care of a loved one who is terminally ill is an emotional experience. You wouldn’t want to believe that you can lose the person anytime. On the other hand, the patient might be feeling uncomfortable due to pain or the boredom that comes with spending much time alone in the bedroom.

There are a couple of things that you can do to make your loved one’s life more comfortable. However, these adjustments need your time, or you may have to find a caregiver. If you don’t have any of the two, then consider hospice homes in Indiana that will ensure that your loved one is living comfortably. On the other hand, if you are taking care of your loved one at home, the following tips will help to make their life easier:

Set the right temperatures

Your loved one may be experiencing difficulties if it is too hot or too cold. This is mostly because the body becomes very sensitive to temperature changes at this stage. You can install a thermostat to make it easier to set the right temperature in that particular room. Ask your loved one for their preferences and install a fan or keep windows open if needed. If they need some fresh air, then open the windows and let them sit further up in bed to feel the moving air on their face.

Keep essentials close

Boy sleeping

Ensure that your loved one always has the essentials he or she needs by the bedside. You should provide spectacles, hearing aids, water, phone, remote control for the TV, and a clock, among other essentials. Ask them what else they need and ensure that it is available every time they want it. You should also talk to professionals at hospice homes to help you determine other essentials that your loved ones might need.

Provide instant medical attention

Some terminal diseases are often accompanied by a lot of pain, which makes it difficult for your loved one to live comfortably. Watching someone in pain can be hard for you, too. To avoid this, ensure that they get professional medical assistance from trained professionals. These experts will also explain ways of helping your loved one to go through the final stages without feeling overwhelming pain. Being in pain can ruin the mood for your loved one and make it hard for them to share their thoughts.

Living with a terminally ill patient requires a lot of work and skills. Not only will you have to learn about the right medication for various complications, but you will also be responsible for ensuring that your loved one is comfortable at all times. This might affect your health and lifestyle.

If you neither have the time nor the right skills, it makes more sense to get hospice care. Whether it is at home or in a facility like a nursing home, hospice care will not only make your loved one’s life more comfortable but also ease you the burden of taking care of them. Besides, you will live knowing that your loved one is being taken care of by professionals who understand the situation much better.


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