What You Must Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

patient with joint checkup

When medication or therapy no longer works for the pain in your joints, you may need to undergo surgery. While there’s nothing new about this treatment, many are still scared of the idea. For one, going under the knife is not entirely an option you ‘d like to take yourself.

This is why it’s understandable why people are hesitant about this idea. But the thing is, it’s not that unpleasant at all. Once you’re aware of what this treatment involves, you’ll realize that it’s not that scary at all. To help you understand more about this procedure, below are some things worth knowing.

1. Joint replacement are for severe cases.

For most people, this procedure is their last resort of treatment. According to a joint replacement center in Clive, Iowa, this surgery is recommended by doctors if none of the therapy nor medication works.

Not everyone who has arthritis is advisable to go through this procedure. It always depends on how severe your case is, as well as the available treatment options you have.

2. Recovery is faster than you expected.

If you undergo this procedure, recovery is faster than you’d expect it. Most of the times, patients can walk the next day after the surgery. However, it all depends on how active you are before and the type of lifestyle you adopt.

Being sedentary can stiffen your joints and may even cause complications. This is why doctors encourage patients to be active right after the procedure. This is to train their joints and muscles for movements.

woman diagnosed with knee problems

3. You need therapy to get better.

Along with surgery, undergoing physical therapy is necessary to get your joints stronger. As mentioned before, moving around is crucial to one’s recovery, but overdoing is not good.

To find out what type of exercise your joints require, it’s best to consult a physical therapist. They can provide a list of exercise you can do on your own without damaging your joints or muscles.

4. It can be performed in different areas.

Most people assume that joint replacement is only performed on the knees. The truth is, joint replacement can be done on any part of your body. For most times, it is performed in the knee, hip, and shoulder, since these are the areas that are prone to joint pain.

In some cases, doctors replace joints in the patient’s knuckles and ankles too. Although many are still not aware of it, surgeons specializing in this area can do all types of joint surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure. It helps patients to relieve the pain as well as improve their quality of life. Dealing with a lot of pain with minimal movement can affect the way you live. This is why it’s necessary to get it treated immediately.

To most people, the idea of going under the knife might not be as appealing as it may sound. But if you look at the number of benefits you could enjoy, it’s more than worth the hassle.

Besides, once you undergo the procedure, it’ll be done even before you know it. It’s just a matter of finding a skilled and experienced surgeon. The next time you feel pain in your joints, it’s best to seek a doctor for proper diagnosis.


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