What You Need to Know Before Applying for Disability Benefits

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Disability affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Disability may be caused by an illness, accident, or a congenital condition. One of the most difficult challenges that a person with a disability has to face is the loss of their ability to work and earn a living.

The government understands this predicament and offer assistance to persons with disability. In Utah, there are guidelines one should follow in order to follow to qualify for disability benefits. This ensures that truly deserving individual are given financial and social assistance to make their daily lives more comfortable.

Applying for Disability Benefits

A person with a disability may apply for benefits in person or through an authorized representative. A relative or appointed guardian should fill out an application along with documents which verify the medical condition, work history, and identity of the person applying.

The documents needed vary from state to state so be sure to check yours for the requirements. Prepare both original and photocopies of the documents for easy verification. Disability benefits are meant to help a person who can no longer carry out the work that they previously did.

Because of their medical condition or injury, they may not be able to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional demands of being employed. If you sustained injuries and you are unable to work for a few months, this isn’t the kind of benefit you should be applying for.

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There are separate claims for temporary conditions where you will be compensated for the weeks or months you are unable to work. For individuals with a total disability, they will be unable to work for an indefinite period or even permanently.

The Social Security Administration goes over applications carefully to determine who are truly qualified for disability benefits. The case will be reviewed periodically to verify the person’s medical condition. Beneficiaries are also the ones responsible for notifying the administration if the condition changes for the better or if the individual was able to get a job.

How to Appeal If the Claim Is Denied

In case the application is denied, applicants may file for an appeal. Keep in mind that not all applications for disability benefits are approved automatically. There is a strict screening and verifying process, and some applications are denied until they provide additional proof or more documents during the appeal process.

When an application for a disability benefit is denied, a letter notification will be sent to the applicant. The person is given 60 days to file an appeal.

To help them build a stronger case, some applicants prefer to work with an advocate or lawyer to better explain their case. These experts are able to secure professional certifications which explain why the applicant will no longer be able to work normally again.

Claims lawyers or advocates also help persons with disabilities to get as much information as they need from the Social Security file. These lawyers will also accompany their clients to meeting and hearings so the applicants will be motivated to push through the claims process.


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